Why Real Explosions Don't Look Like Movie Explosions

Explosions on film are made to look good: fireballs and flame. In reality, though, they're a bit disappointing. Here's how Hollywood does it. • Produced with an experienced, professional pyrotechnician. Do not attempt.

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  • _♫ Cool guys don't look at explosions / they blow things up and then walk away ♫_

    Tom ScottTom Scott3 månader sedan
    • Cool guys don't grin like nerds though. But hey, i would grin like a mf to.

      sevé nyasevé nya6 dagar sedan
    • the grin sold it

      Amber THWAmber THW13 dagar sedan
    • the lonely

      NIJAND .S.VNIJAND .S.V29 dagar sedan
    • You didn’t even look while editing the footage, that’s how cool you are 😎

      Joe NJoe NMånad sedan
    • iconic

      James IyerJames IyerMånad sedan
  • That was ADORABLE

    Katharina xylKatharina xylDag sedan
  • 3:19 I can't unsee this

    AlsaAlsa7 dagar sedan
  • You don't want to explode it. You want to burn it.

    First LastFirst Last7 dagar sedan
  • “Evil Tom can’t hurt you, he’s not real” Evil Tom: 3:20

    all my friends are deadall my friends are dead9 dagar sedan
  • 3 months later i just notice tom looked like a maniac with that cheesy grin

    ReSparkReSpark10 dagar sedan
  • I’m glad you realised you messed up at the end 😂that was the best hahaha

    blockifyblockify11 dagar sedan
  • The explosives expert has an interesting way of speaking. To me, it sounds like the video is sped up 1.5-2x but I believe it's just his normal cadence.

    DillingerDillinger12 dagar sedan
  • mommyyy i want that play doughhhhh

    HannahYasukoHannahYasuko16 dagar sedan
  • It’s a boy

    Kim ShanahanKim Shanahan16 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 bruh i thought it was food

    metallix_metallix_17 dagar sedan
  • 0:13 ejsjajwj

    SyoncheungSyoncheung18 dagar sedan
  • So that’s why the Tianjin and Beirut explosions looked epic.

    Timothy George CanaTimothy George Cana19 dagar sedan
  • 1:46

    SphaerismSphaerism19 dagar sedan
  • Shouldn't this be titled, "How movie explosions are actually made to look good"? Great video btw!

    Sourin BasuSourin Basu21 dag sedan
  • I love explosive

    Betel GeuseBetel Geuse21 dag sedan
  • I used to work for a small pyrotechnics company and this brings back memories. Nice.

    Alex JimenezAlex Jimenez22 dagar sedan
  • this guy talks like hes perpetually fast forwarding life

    sunburned shirtssunburned shirts23 dagar sedan
  • *Megumin would like to know your location*

    That1DudeThat1Dude24 dagar sedan
  • Fascinating!

    AscertivusAscertivus25 dagar sedan
  • Well, nowadays they just do it with CGI.

    Sturm [ʃtʊɐ̯m]Sturm [ʃtʊɐ̯m]28 dagar sedan
  • 1:40 im thirsty now

    Sekay le VentilaTohruSekay le VentilaTohru28 dagar sedan
  • I'll never look at an explosion in a movie the same way again. :)

    3DSage3DSage29 dagar sedan
  • Well done for explaining and demonstrating the whole thing in under 4 minutes!

    Peter VincentPeter Vincent29 dagar sedan
  • Cool guys don’t look at explosions

    Jonah MingoJonah MingoMånad sedan
  • How much does a kg of Semtex cost? Asking for a friend.

    J WillyJ WillyMånad sedan
    • $1200

      Callum - カラムCallum - カラムMånad sedan
  • bombs

    Charlie MillarCharlie MillarMånad sedan
  • Paused at 3:20 and took a screenshot of it. LMAO

    johanazharijohanazhariMånad sedan
  • next video: "How to escape forest fires" edit: grammatical fix

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  • 3:32 pov you're in vietnam

    A Guardsman From KriegA Guardsman From KriegMånad sedan
  • I immediately liked this guy when I saw him use duct tape with explosives.

    jay kleinjay kleinMånad sedan
  • Tom, there isn't a single person watching this video who would have been able to resist pulling a cheesy grin

    SheolCodeMonkeySheolCodeMonkeyMånad sedan
  • Isn't that "why movie explosions doesn't look like real explosions?"

    SumedhSumedhMånad sedan
  • 3:20 pause there

    TheMagicGoatBoiTheMagicGoatBoiMånad sedan
  • My life is a lie.

    *ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT**ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*Månad sedan
  • Did this video seriously only come out a month ago?! I feel like it's been a year for some reason haha

    DivideByPieDivideByPieMånad sedan
  • 3:18

    Elias WestlundElias WestlundMånad sedan
  • News Update: Tom Scott finds a cure existence 3:17

    Wormy 457Wormy 457Månad sedan
  • Keep up the great work

    ExderiusDeerExderiusDeerMånad sedan
  • At Malaysia we use Meriam Buluh, you just have to be careful on the powder input or you lost your arm

    Miru JowoMiru JowoMånad sedan
  • Cheezy smile??? How can you not smile when your blowing things up!?!?!?!?

    Thomas KumamotoThomas KumamotoMånad sedan
  • Movie explosions simply have no shockwaves.

    Quert ZuiopüQuert ZuiopüMånad sedan
  • Alright...my whole life was a lie

    AdithyanAdithyanMånad sedan
  • Nobody likes damaged actors

    Olaf KlischatOlaf Klischat2 månader sedan
  • Michael Bay: Those are rookie numbers

    William ZhaoWilliam Zhao2 månader sedan
  • 1:30 Here comes the Heisenberg the great teacher of chemistry. ,😂😂

    Sachin RajmuktiSachin Rajmukti2 månader sedan
  • Your awesome

    BenHawk7BenHawk72 månader sedan
  • Did you notice how little Tom had to interfere in the explanation? That pyrotechnician is also a great teacher

    prestokprestok2 månader sedan
  • Why does it sound like it was sped up

    Leevon NguyenLeevon Nguyen2 månader sedan
  • Now I know how to make explosion

    Bitter BeanBitter Bean2 månader sedan
  • Woah, love the explanation provided by the pyrotechnician. Lovely!

    Ēriks ZalmanisĒriks Zalmanis2 månader sedan
  • Tom's GoPros really need to form a labor union...

    Josh FredmanJosh Fredman2 månader sedan
  • UK Gov now wants to charge 100,000 vehicle road taxes, ULEZ and congestion charge for the person in charge of producing this video

    Cee CeeCee Cee2 månader sedan
  • i thought the semtex was tuna ;-;

    Cha Cha Real SmoothCha Cha Real Smooth2 månader sedan
  • 3:19 Me trying to play it cool after my big brother doesn’t give me a turn on the Xbox:

    AdenmationsYTAdenmationsYT2 månader sedan
  • Unless they are CGI movie explosions are real. But most movie explosions small and include a lot of fuel.

    B KailuaB Kailua2 månader sedan
  • Does the Gorilla-tape make the explosion bigger? :)

    MortenMorten2 månader sedan
  • My mans using redstone

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  • Holy crap blowing things up is a job!?!?!?!?!?!

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  • The explosion looks crunchy

    Keyhan SpiegelhauerKeyhan Spiegelhauer2 månader sedan
  • Climate change: Am i a joke to you?

    XNS.4rrealXNS.4rreal2 månader sedan
    • Animals in the vicinity: "Say that again?" "What?" "I can't hear you, some humans ruptured my eardrums." "Are you trying to tell me there's a predator behind me?" "That's weird, I didn't a thingggggaaaaaaaHHHHHHH ☠️

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  • Meet the demoman

  • 3:19

    Collin TongCollin Tong2 månader sedan
  • buning all this on the same phony green channel that wouldn''t use 1 helium balloon. hypocrite much? you will do whatever gets you clicks... be it burn gas, rent a jet for 1, or pretend to care about the environment

    John SpencerJohn Spencer2 månader sedan
  • this channel is BIG BRAIN EMBODIED

    Aziel DouglasAziel Douglas2 månader sedan
  • Pyro-technician: "We want it to do the minimum amount of damage possible." Also Pyro-technician: Proceeds to detonate a fiery explosion in the middle of the woods.

    Hemanth SinghHemanth Singh2 månader sedan
  • "Do not try this at home." Me with my 1kg of semtex and detonating cord: 😞

    LolbotomyLolbotomy2 månader sedan
  • If movies used semtex the explosion would be mostly dirt and the actors limbs

    RogueBeatsRogueBeats2 månader sedan
  • best ending after the cinematic explosion, 10/10

    Maxy BoyMaxy Boy2 månader sedan
  • Don't worry the cheesy grin was totally on brand

    killer oblivinkiller oblivin2 månader sedan
  • Having thought about this for a while it struck me that even the completely CGI explosions in movies look more like mock special effects explosions than real ones. It seems that everyone in the film industry has become habituated to explosions looking a certain way. And what's with the elliptical or ring shaped "shockwavey" things they put on explosions occurring supposedly in space?

    Donald SayersDonald Sayers2 månader sedan
  • I always thaught explosion in films looks worng. Now I know why.

    rifki hukamarifki hukama2 månader sedan
  • Tom is always just being himself, no playing to the camera, feel like I even know him well.

    Southern CrossSouthern Cross2 månader sedan
    • You should watch his video on parasocial relationships.

      RackergenRackergenMånad sedan
  • 3:19 teachers to my mental health

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  • This is a very crude job coming from “professional” pyrotechnists. It looks like the front of someone’s car when they tried to duct tape their front bumper back on their car.

    Thats Ruff DogThats Ruff Dog2 månader sedan
  • "and then I made a stupid face during the most important shot"

    ComedyJakobComedyJakob2 månader sedan
  • Another common pyrotechnic trick is the use of propane for things like cannons. Real cannon fire produces a lot of dust and concussive force at the muzzle, which is incredibly dangerous and can easily damage sensitive movie equipment; so a charge of compressed propane is used to get the bang and fireball without any of the mess and expense of actually breaking things.

    Telamon8Telamon82 månader sedan
  • Happy British noise

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  • So real explosions look as if they are just bigger versions of muzzle flashes essentially?

    T - S - unamiT - S - unami2 månader sedan
  • Since when did Hollywood started to be located at Berkshire?

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  • The cheesy grin made you look like the Unhinged Antagonist lmao

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  • you could see the actual damage of the two explosions by the movements of the dead leaves around the explosions.

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  • The grin on your face gives it more of a "Dark Knight Joker" vibe. I think it was better than a cold stare.

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  • 0:22 those leaves tho

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  • so that's why the power rangers movie costed a lot.

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  • The pyrotechnic in me lit up when I watched this!

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  • Casually sets off a very spicy explosive in a dry forest.

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  • You said the H******** word really come on 0:31

    MrAnip __MrAnip __2 månader sedan
  • This made me think of one type of explosion i've heard about and i'm now wondering if it's true or made up. Something apparently called a french kiss which would be high explosive wrapped in napalm and the result would be near instant incineration, thus rendering identification of the victim nearly impossible.

    Ireallyreally HategoogleIreallyreally Hategoogle2 månader sedan
  • I don't know, maybe rehearse that a few more times and just don't press the button until you have what you're looking for.

    Solomon ParkerSolomon Parker2 månader sedan
  • 3:18 that smile is creepy 🤣😂. Love this guy 😍 He's providing me knowledge and fun at the same time

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. Luffy2 månader sedan
  • *We flew a kite in a public place*

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