The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever Seen

Or: "Tom's Cockup Trip".

This is a story about a television title sequence, and about me, as a child, watching it. It’s also a warning about how SEcrone won’t last forever, and it's the reason I'm climbing one particular hill in the Lake District. Merry Christmas, Denis Norden.

DoP: Simon Handley from Skylark Aerial Photography www.skylark-aerialphotography...
Music: Benjamin Squires
Animation: Matt Ley

Thanks to John Hoare and the Lake District National Park Authority

Filmed safely:

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  • I know this video's a bit personal; it's not the sort of thing I normally do. But it seemed like a good story to tell for Christmas.

    Tom ScottTom Scott6 månader sedan
    • Standing on the shoulders of giants.

      Steve ChisnallSteve Chisnall17 timmar sedan
    • Dear Mister (sir) Scott, I know that it may sound very unseriös, but this is the only way to get in communication with you, I hope you will not get angry or irritated by my way of being. It's not in my Intention to dig or flirt but I am sometimes very charming (think the stereotypers, if you understand would name my way how I am like that) 😉. I would be interested in a view of climate change, please from your side-thank you. Gteeti gs from a small bubble.

      Savage van wizardwitchSavage van wizardwitch7 dagar sedan
    • These personal kind of videos are also very enjoyable.

      Ikxi - Forever a TatsunokoIkxi - Forever a TatsunokoMånad sedan
    • At this point people would tune in to watch you have a fun time doing anything. Your passion is infectious.

      Robert PatricianRobert PatricianMånad sedan
    • Three things I would like to know 1 How big of a iron dust cloud coalescing, would it take to make say a railroad spike ? 2 why do they always show the solar system in the flat instead of a more realistic representation of a helix where the planets are following the sun around the galaxy ? 3 in an ever expanding universe, where space between everything is getting larger, could I be as big as a mountain was a short time ago ?

      Paul JewelPaul JewelMånad sedan
  • 6:47 you would do that

    Andreas PetersenAndreas PetersenDag sedan
  • A show that only has an episode every two years....wack.

    Ian BowdenIan Bowden2 dagar sedan
  • British The Eric Andre Show

    unforseen consequencerunforseen consequencer3 dagar sedan
  • I'm not so sure that the 90s were TV's heyday. I think you need to be at least 50 to remember British TV's heyday, which was clearly the mid to late 1970s. I'm not sure that audience figures are what this is based upon, or whether it is based upon the sheer grip and influence on society, because I refer to the latter... which obviously is a more slippery metric to judge things by.

    David GregoryDavid Gregory3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for making a dedicated ad break. Something I really think others channels should do too.

    JonatasAdoMJonatasAdoM4 dagar sedan
  • The Tom Scott season finale

    TheAngryMudkip MudkipsForLifeTheAngryMudkip MudkipsForLife4 dagar sedan
  • The magical stocking intialy reign because wednesday oceanographically bat near a material industry. unhealthy, gray greasy great crib

    Opal WatsonOpal Watson5 dagar sedan
  • Love the B5 shout out.

    John McmahonJohn Mcmahon6 dagar sedan
  • What a great video. I didn't think a video about tv and title sequences could move me.

    Dill StevensDill Stevens7 dagar sedan
  • I wasn't prepared for Tom to refer to 1993 as "Nearly 30 years ago"

    SheolCodeMonkeySheolCodeMonkey8 dagar sedan
  • I’ve watched this several times now and this vid is just an absolute masterpiece and one of your best, Tom. Thank you for being as much of a nerd as I am.

    Aimée FergusonAimée Ferguson8 dagar sedan
  • This is a story about a television title sequence And I like to take a minute just sit right there il tell you how I became the prince of a town called scunthorpe

    Kieran PenroseKieran Penrose8 dagar sedan
  • yo a reference to my boy Babylon 5

    Expectocat YTExpectocat YT9 dagar sedan
  • This video is special, thanks for making it and going the extra mile

    TheGrimravagerTheGrimravager9 dagar sedan
  • The royal biplane lastly charge because south america adventitiously guard upon a drab ikebana. complete, fabulous deal

    Goose ShidGoose Shid12 dagar sedan
  • Excellent my brother!

    Thomas McNultyThomas McNulty14 dagar sedan
  • In 20 years time, I'm doing a video about this video and how Tom Scott was able to monologue perfectly walking up a hill for 20 mins straight, whilst being film by a backwards walking cameraman.

    Kevin RussellKevin Russell14 dagar sedan
  • peaceful landscape 😮🙏

    Ginger0525Ginger052514 dagar sedan
  • Tom Scott's subtitles are in another level

    Esteban FiddeouEsteban Fiddeou15 dagar sedan
  • That Was Superb!! Great video, and a lovely tribute to the craftsmen/women of the past when often “good enough” just wasn’t good enough. You had to do your best work, even if it often wouldn’t be particularly noticeable.

    S MacS Mac16 dagar sedan
  • it impresses me who is litterly a kid in 2021 so in the 90s probs wouldve been to a kid like its a otherworldly thing prob more effort then some youtubers today

    Nadav abutbulNadav abutbul20 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for displaying and explaining a piece of your inspiration!

    Pieter DijkemaPieter Dijkema21 dag sedan
  • The medium is the message - and the means of the medium’s existence, advertising, defines it all. And advertising itself, is a product of capitalism. The ‘SEcrone’ killer will be whatever captures our attention for the longest.

    Ashwin BolarAshwin Bolar21 dag sedan
  • It honestly makes perfect sense that a show about making fun of mistakes in the film and TV industry would itself have a masterful and flawless title sequence.

    Lucifer, CEO of HellLucifer, CEO of Hell22 dagar sedan
  • Really nice tribute. And all the while, I could never take my mind off the cameraman's ability to walk backwards without falling! (Until that outtake…)

    François LuneauFrançois Luneau23 dagar sedan
  • How did you change the colour of the closed caption?

    走氣汽水走氣汽水24 dagar sedan
  • I apologise if someone else wrote this and I didn’t see it, but the ending credits have a nice little detail. The credits are in sync with the music. New information is shown as new bars in the tune begin.

    Felipe Ito AnuattiFelipe Ito Anuatti25 dagar sedan
  • Wanting to be sponsored by turtle beach although all the ones I bought have eventually broke (By me)?

    Ethan ForsythEthan Forsyth25 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant... and how did you narrate all of that with no autocue or cards!!

    Helen RobertsHelen Roberts25 dagar sedan
  • You filmed a cockup while filming a cockup film on Great Cockup about a cockup film on Great Cockup.

    Kevin CKevin C25 dagar sedan
  • Worth it!

    haxxxerhaxxxer25 dagar sedan
  • The mountainous spaghetti ignificantly sip because head analogously guide atop a sloppy karen. incredible, overjoyed book

    hieu nguyenhieu nguyen26 dagar sedan
  • merry Christmas to you too hohohoho

    pikachufan25pikachufan2528 dagar sedan
  • 9"20 Because compasses don't react to real laser beams.

    Eric TaylorEric Taylor28 dagar sedan
  • This was so good!

    Mahe Iram KhanMahe Iram Khan28 dagar sedan
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    hieu nguyenhieu nguyenMånad sedan
  • I love the story, Tom

    Człowiek DrzewoCzłowiek DrzewoMånad sedan
  • Oh, the appreciation of craft well done! Of pride in one's work! Of wanting to go that extra mile just because you really love what you do - and your audience! That applies to the title credit makers of "It'll Be Alright on the Night" - and to you, too, Tom Scott! I get your love of artists of the past, of what roomier deadlines and budgets could allow people to do. We live in cheap times. Thanks for the bittersweet look back! And for your presentation!

    Keera Ann FoxKeera Ann FoxMånad sedan
  • Still one of my fave Tom Scott video.

    CamSeiCamSeiMånad sedan
  • i watched the whole video from start to finish and gladly enjoyed it.

    flaming vortex433flaming vortex433Månad sedan
  • 6:17 it turns from CGI to real shot, you can just about see the chroming of the lip appear at the very bottom of the 7 disk which isn't visible on the CG version.

    BungoBungoMånad sedan
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    Cortez SladeCortez SladeMånad sedan
  • this made me nostalgic for something i learned about a few mins ago

    HuffGLaDTemHuffGLaDTemMånad sedan
  • alternate title: tom scott obsessing over a compass needle spinning for about 18 minutes jokes aside, that ending sent a chill down my spine

    Paranormal StickParanormal StickMånad sedan
  • I see a cheeky little cue break

    HalzarHalzarMånad sedan
  • I'm not sure if someone has already pointed this out, but the transition on "It'll Be Alright On The Night 7" where the CG transitions into the studio set actually isn't an immediate transition. The circle with the 7 inside is actually CG throughout the entire sequence until the camera starts to pan towards the audience. By then the CG stage is cut out and composited onto the real stage and rotates with it. They slowly fade this composite circle out until the camera finishes its movement. Watch the edges of the circle at 6:20 and you'll see it more clearly.

    CompatibleCompatibleMånad sedan
  • That ending was so unexpected but great. Love that you go to such little detail and showed us some stuff that you admired in your childhood.

    Ikxi - Forever a TatsunokoIkxi - Forever a TatsunokoMånad sedan
  • Some of the best work comes from sweating the details only a couple people may appreciate

    73caddydaddy9373caddydaddy93Månad sedan
  • Candid Camera started in 1947. Pardon My Blooper multiple audio discs - 1960's. Pardon My Blooper movie - 1974. Silicon Graphics got started in the 1980's, Video Toaster 1990. No way to rewind and rewatch -- VCR invented 1957 and in wide use by the mid 1980's. Dude, take at least a loose pass at fact-checking next time. BTW, 6:27 - transition.

    Chaos OrdealChaos OrdealMånad sedan
  • Some people say that Tom Scott is still walking on the great cockup hill

    Ryan GladstoneRyan GladstoneMånad sedan
  • This was such a great video, felt like i read a book

    WKNWWKNWMånad sedan
  • "Someone bothered to make a compass needle spin" I mean, Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out in 1988...

    HamsterVormFensterHamsterVormFensterMånad sedan
  • 11:55 I did notice it ☺️

    Tyler BenneyTyler BenneyMånad sedan
  • This is incredible.

    Hardin FasterHardin FasterMånad sedan
  • This is sooooooooooooo cool. Great work

    Terrence Davis - Blender Davinci Resolve TutorialsTerrence Davis - Blender Davinci Resolve TutorialsMånad sedan
  • Fantastic video!! I can't believe I've only just got round to watching this one!

    Kieran HadenKieran HadenMånad sedan
  • The last bit made me tear up All the love to you tom

    Siver5300Siver5300Månad sedan
  • “We’ll be back after the break” SEcrone is the new television

    Alex GlaseAlex GlaseMånad sedan
  • For the CGI title sequence at 6:04 , It appears to me that they (Obviously) transitioned the background at 6:19 , but then "tracked" the CG "7 and Circle" on until 6:27 . This way by not removing all of the CGI at once, it appears a lot smoother and harder to notice. I would also like to point out that it might be a standard movement that they do when switching from a birds eye view to a regular shot, just so it would be easier to repeat every episode...anyways, that's just my thought. If you use the "," and "." keys to go frame by frame , the far leftmost side of the circle seems to suddenly lose the drop shadow surrounding the inner circle and go flat approximately 6 frames into 6:28, indicating to me that it changes from CG to real with the help of some clever lighting trickery.

    Owen BradyOwen BradyMånad sedan
  • because 20 years ago someone made compass needle spin ... 🥺🥺😕

    Emirhan CanbazEmirhan CanbazMånad sedan
  • The moving compass might be inspired from a scene in "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne. A major plotdevice is the compass of the three heroes, by which they can track their location underground - corresponding to a map of the world. This compass is a source of confusion for the protagonist, who in the end will find out why this is the case. spoiler ahead (it has been out since 1864, come on!) A ball of lightning hit their boat once in a storm and has had a surplus of interesting visual and electrical effects and affects on their vessel. Again, this is a big deal in the book, so anyone who read it would be able to combine the thoughts of "Lighning makes magnetic compass broke" to "Laser=Lighning, so compass goes break". Just a theory though, a FILM-(ancient intro to a british TV-slipup-show combined with classical french literature)-THEORY!!!!!11elf111!!!!!!(please rate my english, I have been taking lessons)111!!!!!

    klopswasserklopswasserMånad sedan
  • This might be my favourite video of yours. I notice and appreciate the extra effort you always put in your videos!

    supersannajinsupersannajinMånad sedan
  • "Who bothers to do that much for a clipshow of outtakes?" *Proceeds climbing a mountain to prove a point*

    Joe CJoe CMånad sedan
  • SEcrone 2 the comeback

    ScubaJoe YTScubaJoe YTMånad sedan
    • SEcrone 2

      ScubaJoe YTScubaJoe YTMånad sedan
  • 11:50 I really thought the camera was about to fly off into a magic seamless droneshot.

    kaniphishkaniphishMånad sedan
  • props to the person whos walking up a hill backwards while keeping tom in frame.

    kaniphishkaniphishMånad sedan
  • Tom looks young and old at the same time

    Ninten BroNinten BroMånad sedan
  • 9:18 Jordan Peterson criticizing the physics of the title sequence

    KarabinKarabinMånad sedan
  • I really enjoyed this.. especially with what I believe is coming, and knowing you're ex BBC/ITV, tells me you know something, I very much do not. ;-) I appreciate the sentiment in your video's, I really do. Thank you Tom

    Craig TownsendCraig TownsendMånad sedan
  • A lovely tribute to the golden years of television.

    John StokesJohn StokesMånad sedan
  • What an amazing walk down memory lane. Thank you. The best 18mins of the year

    Samantha CollinsSamantha CollinsMånad sedan
  • Aaaaayyyyy

    Harrison Leigh MacleanHarrison Leigh MacleanMånad sedan
  • great heartfelt video Tom, thanks :)

    pyoomingpyoomingMånad sedan
  • Did Matt walk up an entire hill backwards

    Bread_Bread_Månad sedan
  • what a heartwarming video

    Ai QueenAi QueenMånad sedan
  • That final merry christmas line made me cry. Good job, Tom.

    TruncationTruncationMånad sedan
  • That I can only 'like' this once is a travesty. So many layers to take inspiration from, not least the great comments. Of all your great videos, this has left me most emotional.

    Mark LondonMark LondonMånad sedan
  • Admit it, the outtake at the end was scripted, wasnt it?

    MarquisMarquisMånad sedan
  • Thank you for taking the time and making the effort :)

    Eryn WaldEryn WaldMånad sedan
  • This makes me realise that the profession of pirate, or viking, should be recreated. There are so many weak people who live too comfortably who I could murder and take the stuff of.

    undeadgamingundeadgamingMånad sedan
    • what

      Liam The GreatLiam The GreatMånad sedan
  • AFV beta:

    NintendoNerdNintendoNerdMånad sedan
  • Great vid! Used to be like that with games around 2010 too but then a “chase to the bottom” began and people began to make games knowing they’d be sold in a bundle with 6 others for 99p (with the bundle owner taking the lions share wtf), and of course crushing sales events cutting prices by 90% or whatever. Before that I was making my magnum opus kind of thing: a giant adventure game that included needless bits. An area that parsed the dev locations position and pulled down weather data in the obligatory of the time secret dev zone. Handcrafted physics engines and tying particles to it so explosions blow away smoke, rain pooling and dripping. These days a lot of these systems are built into dev suites like UE and co. There’s more but I want to crack on and watch more videos.

    Boss BaddieBoss BaddieMånad sedan
  • A great video Tom, respectful and informative.

    paul Beaumontpaul BeaumontMånad sedan

    RyanSpacePineappleRyanSpacePineappleMånad sedan
  • MOM! Tom and Scott are making a title sequence!

    TonyPlaysGamesTonyPlaysGamesMånad sedan
  • I like the 2019 THX intro

    Mike HuntMike HuntMånad sedan
  • i watched this with a vr headset

    Sammy DiedericksSammy DiedericksMånad sedan
  • Why did this make me nostalgic for a show I've never seen?

    This is a foxThis is a foxMånad sedan
  • engagement

    GeccplsGeccplsMånad sedan
  • The other nice touch in this video is that end credits and the clapperboard are in the style of those on the end of the original show.

    R WR WMånad sedan
  • You are the person I wish I could be on SEcrone.

    Pup WolfyPup WolfyMånad sedan
  • I just got adverts in the middle of the parts and it was amazing 🤩

    Charlie DarrochCharlie DarrochMånad sedan
  • Yep, spotted the dog, top right, before the ad break. Now will have to re watch for the rest of the Easter eggs, that might not be there. Top work

    Nick AllisonNick AllisonMånad sedan
  • It's not just the intros either - there have been some truly elaborate TV sets, some of which only appeared on screen for a handful of minutes and were never seen again, being destroyed after recording was complete. There's an episode of Dad's Army where the opening 8 minutes or so take place in the Vicar's garden - which is in fact an elaborate studio set with a lawn, statue, plants, patio etc and difficult to determine from the real thing. Used for a few minutes in that episode - and then never again.

    RJSRdgRJSRdgMånad sedan
  • I liked how an Ad played right at the end of part 1, Genius🙂

    Luis KerscherLuis KerscherMånad sedan
  • 11:53 what is that on the top right-hand corner?

    Navneeth KuntaNavneeth KuntaMånad sedan
  • This is magnificent. It's an incredible tribute and made absolutely wonderfully.

    Andrea RaimondiAndrea RaimondiMånad sedan
  • Rewatching this for the fifth or sixth time I gotta say this video about the greatest title sequence Tom's ever seen, is itself the greatest video essay I've ever seen.

    colkiwicolkiwiMånad sedan
  • I literally applauded towards the end..

    PalakPalakMånad sedan