Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose

Check out Trace's channel! - start with brain-computer interfaces or going to space ‱ There's an urban legend that poppy seeds can make you fail a drug test. Is it true? And if so: why? I ate a few bagels, and set out to flunk an opioid test.

Drug tests don’t just work as a buzzkill, they can keep doctors and patients honest regarding some of the more dangerous drugs known to man. The problem is, poppy seeds can throw a giant wrench in that circle of trust! Poppy seeds come from the papaver somniferum flower native to Turkey, and even though they don’t contain opium, consuming the seeds has historically caused the tests to register opiate use!

In this video, I explore how these tests work, what they look for, and how something as simple as a bottle of seeds available at any grocery store, can cause a false positive for painkillers, heroin, morphine, and other drugs.

Encyclopedia Britannica: Poppy Seed
Poppy seed, tiny dried seed of the opium poppy, used as food, food flavouring, and the source of poppy-seed oil. Poppy seeds have no narcotic properties, because the fluid contained in the bud that becomes opium is present only before the seeds are fully formed. The plant, Papaver somniferum, is an herbaceous annual native to Greece and the Orient. Poppy seed is an ancient spice; the seed capsules have been found in Switzerland in the remains of prehistoric lake dwellings.

Can Eating Poppy Seeds Give You a Positive Drug Test?
It’s possible that even just one bagel or muffin highly loaded with poppy seeds can lead to a positive urine drug test.

LabCorp: Testing Methodology .
Quest Diagnostics: Testing Insights
Did you know that morphine, codeine, and heroin are produced from the seeds of certain kinds of poppy flowers? Morphine and codeine are often used as medications for treating pain, and all three-known as opiates-can be abused

Snopes (true!)

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  • I failed a drugs test but I never taken any drugs and I'm very clean 😂😂

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  • "Trying to fail a drug test on purpose" - Hello, are you ready for your drug test? - Hold on, I need to take some opium. The end.

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  • Once I found out about this I stopped eating poppy seed muffins...then a few years later found out the dressing in the salad kits I was buying contained them...for some reason I didn't read the ingredients until I'd been eating them for a few months...I'd been wondering how long it stays in your system for, at least I now know thanks to this video you are clear of it. My current job doesn't drug test but I figure I never know where I may have to apply for a job down the road so I don't want to risk hurting my chances because of something dumb like this.

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  • Wait. This is the wrong way around.. I need to know how to get a false negative

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  • The most important question has been left unanswered. How much seeds do I need to actually get high?

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  • I guess you can say Trace had a trace of opiates

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  • Was the mask virtue signal in the beginning really necessary? Obviously you are not a h*terosexual male.

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  • Us ANTI doping agency. USADA. Good video.

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  • i kinda wanted him to just shoot heroin right before walking in

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  • I'm convinced that only Tom Scott can do this.

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  • *The best prank ever*

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  • I wonder what would happen in my country where we have 10+ times the poppy seeds in some foods than on those bagels

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  • “Big bad school down in Lansing” bro where are you from😂

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  • what a good cover up for taking opiods.

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  • Haha, I tricked you by failing this drug test and now being arrested

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  • For some reason we call that maanzaad (moon seed) so I never connected those to papaver. Funny!

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  • You can pop positive for PCP or Opiates if you have been taking cough syrup that contains DXM such as Robitussin DM and we are talking at normal dosages. Immodium will pop for opiates and psudoephidrin should be obvious that it will cause amphetemine false positive. The only drug I can think of that doesnt have an over the counter possibility of false positive is for cocaine.

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  • 7:37 I know how, it’s all the poppy seeds 😏😏

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  • just do a drug, easy

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  • in germany when your peepee was positive, you get dragged to a bloodtest.

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  • Sounds like something a drug addict would say.

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  • This showed up on me recommendations the day I had my drug test....

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  • Ah so anytime I see an influencer taking pics of their meals, I can be sure they're crackheads

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  • The war on drugs is an evil authoritarian tactic. Full legalization of all substances will reduce harm.

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  • did you ever take a test before eating any seeds for control?

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  • Try failing covid test.

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  • Why do we put poppy seeds on anything

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  • Trace, please go make "Seeker" good again, that channel is garbage now and please change the name back to "D-News".

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  • Oh! I always thought the heroin compounds were inside the seeds. Glad to know better now.

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  • 3:03 Coin check!

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  • I reckon I'd probably be quite good at failing a drugs test. I did an absolute ton of ketamine last night

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  • oh boy imagine a different world where they test schoolchildren for drugs

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  • Janyary

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  • This is the most Tom Scott video ever

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  • I expected to see Tom high as a kite when I clicked on this ngl

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  • 300ng? I think I sneeze double that, that's a negligible amount it really is.

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  • plot twist this video was a scam so that trace could get away with doing drugs

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  • Tom Scott injects heroin into his veins

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  • 6:02

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  • Easy just do LSD

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  • You brought in the guy from NowThis World News.

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  • Damn. In Poland we have cakes that are 70% poppy seeds. Just imagine the results

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  • Just take drugs it’s eeeeasy

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  • What if this was just a cover up?

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  • Put that bagel dow-

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  • Just smoke weed

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  • Drug tests are an invasion of privacy

    9mmWaffle9mmWaffle2 mÄnader sedan
    • @Hecking Bamboozled yup. Unless there's an accident. If an employee is doing his job properly then it's not the companies business

      9mmWaffle9mmWaffleMĂ„nad sedan
    • If you were a business owner, you'd probably not want an employee who's hooked on opiums like heroin. Are you suggesting we regulate companies so that they aren't allowed to drug test?

      Hecking BamboozledHecking BamboozledMĂ„nad sedan
  • It's not a false positive. It's a true positive. It's not due to consumption of codeine or morphine though. You can tell by the codeine and morphine levels and the ratio between the two.

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  • Just do drugs

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  • I usually hate when other people host other people channels. But I actually like this guy.

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  • Damn. Romanians would all fail the drug tests during Christmas 😂

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  • Tom u lookin freeeesh

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  • Step 1: Book a flight to Canada

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  • Me who always gets positive even when I don’t study “Pathetic”

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  • Before watching id say yes only because my friends went on a kick of buying unwashed poppy seeds from a local gourmet grocery to make poppy seed tea and no joke it gets ya wobbly like ya took some lean

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  • just take some drugs its not this hard

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  • Plot twist: He’s a frequent user and false positive was actually a true positive

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  • OD on carbohydrates instead

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  • 0:50 "Big bad schools down in Lansing" Me, currently at Michigan State University: *Nervous Sweating*

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  • I know a way easier way

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  • Oh, I do this all the time

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  • This is nothing, I've failed them by accident hundreds of times.

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  • It was hilarious but at the same time infuriating to see what youtubes guidelines lead to. Thanks for showing and shame on our prudish "modern" society.

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  • Its actually not true that you metabolize cheamical compounds and constant rates. There is something called half-life (like the game), and it means the time it takes for your organism to metabolize roughly half of given substance. So if halftime is 12h, after 12 hours you will have 1/2 of original concentration, after 24 hours 1/4, after 36 hours about 1/8... for example half time for codeine is about 3 hours.

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  • The only person happy for a drug test

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  • flash backs to that one Seinfeld episode...

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  • "I did it! I failed a drug test!" And his "I'll see you in the future" sign-off is the exact same as Zack Freedman

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  • step 1 do drugs

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  • why aren't you suppose to toast fresh bagels?

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  • Is acing the drug test lighting up all of the indicators or none of them?

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  • Plot twist, the guy slammed a load of skag and the poppy seeds had nothing to do with it.

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  • I could easily do this 😂 without trying too

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  • How do we know you didn't get a FALSE false positive by actually doing drugs?

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  • Trace is just a tad flamey Flame flame flame

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  • My body can't properly metabolize morphine. I learned that at hospital after an open heart surgery

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  • This guy took “test” too seriously

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  • Methadone is not made from poppy! It's an opioid, not opiate!

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  • I can come up with a 100% certain way to fail a drug test!

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  • The US Doping Agency is actually a thing. damn America is weird

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  • MĂ©thadone is NOT made from poppies. It’s a synthetic opioid.

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  • There are very few legit reasons to be drug testing people anyway. Those being tested should be suing for each and every false positive.

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  • Content

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  • I think telling people what they can and cannot do with their bodies is wrong..

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  • Title be like "Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose". Imagine if Trace just pulled a bag of coke in the car

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  • Eating poppy seeds straight up would be way better than stuffing yourself with bagels

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  • Calling Lansing schools the "big bad schools" is the most Okomos/Haslett thing I have heard in my life.

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  • I know someone who used to be addicted to poppy seed tea. Was very sad :(

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  • Does this mean that there actually is illicit drugs in the poppy seeds, or just some chemical that fools the test? I.E. can someone MAKE opium from poppy seeds???

    DiCasaFilmDiCasaFilm2 mÄnader sedan
  • Some poppy seeds ship unwashed. They contain enough opium to make you fail a urinalysis.

    Ok OkOk Ok2 mÄnader sedan
  • As someone who moved to a country (Austria) where poppy seeds are very much part of the diet and even a regional specialty north of Vienna, I've wondered what the system for testing is. You can get poppy seed cake, poppy seed noodles (think sweet gnocchi slathered in butter and spoon fulls of poppy seed), poppy seed breaded fish, and also poppy seed pastries (Mohzehlten and Mohnstrudel), where tons of poppyseeds, some sugar, butter and a bit of rum are wrapped up in a thin pastry dough. Im also guilty of putting 4-5 spoons worth of pure poppy in my morning joghurt. :P

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  • Dude I love poppy seeds, this is really bad for me.

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  • Suggestion from a former urinalysis lab technician: if you fail an opiate test for the above reason, request/demand a Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) confirmation test. This confirmation test exams the molecular level and can parse out the different compounds to a much greater degree and give exact ng/ML scores. In my experience, positive lab specimens are held for a period of time for the purpose of being re-tested and confirmation.

    WillWill2 mÄnader sedan
  • I have no reason to be drug tested, but if I was I would fail. I live in a civilized country, no drug tests to get or keep a job unless it’s a dangerous job. I’m not even sure when I would need a drug test. I haven’t been able to pass a drug test since high school.

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  • This whole video is actually an entire cover story for his massive amounts of morphine and codeine use

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  • This is such an important video for the world. Also they sure as hell shouldn't be taking any babies away until well after the 48-hour mark when they can be retested.

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  • I had no idea that it was papaver somniferum seeds that were on bagels. I thought it'd be a different kind of poppy.

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