Why No-One Will Save Covehithe, The Village That Will Soon Crumble Into The Sea

On the south-east coast of England sits Covehithe: a little Suffolk village going back at least a thousand years. By the end of the century, it'll likely have fallen into the sea. Here's why no-one's planning to save it.

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  • This was the video idea that the AI suggested, but which I'd already filmed. I realise that it's also, technically, a cliff that refuses to be a cliff. Oh, and I did talk to one Covehithe resident (from several metres away), and they wanted me to make it clear: Covehithe is not a tourist attraction. There are no amenities, not even public toilets, and the roads in are already blocked by cars in summer to the point where it's a safety hazard. If you do stop by, then stop by on a day like the one I filmed: when it's cold, bleak, and foggy!

    Tom ScottTom Scott4 månader sedan
    • thanks

      David SucessoDavid Sucesso7 dagar sedan
    • that's why it sounded so damn vaguely familiar

      PinguluddPinguluddMånad sedan
    • It feels like 40% of the replies are asking why the comment dates back further than when the video was made public, and another 40% are asking for the video title. What is going on? I would have expected better from Tom's audience...

      SilkwesirSilkwesir2 månader sedan
    • How is your comment a month ago but the video is three weeks ago

      Not YellowNot Yellow2 månader sedan
    • Didn't W.G. Sebald write about this village on "The Rings of Saturn"?

      João Francisco ReisJoão Francisco Reis2 månader sedan
  • Skipsea on the east coast is in the same position, it's one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Europe. The coastal road has already gone, there used to be 3 rows of bungalows on the sea front, 2 rows have gone. Just think about that for a second...2 rows of bungalows, plus gardens. Gone.

    Jack PettingerJack Pettinger18 timmar sedan
  • "It's not possible to save everyone", "miles of coastline". Hey there, from the netherlands speaking! Could even do something simple as a sand motor.

    pulli23pulli235 dagar sedan
  • They did a dig on Time Team in this town.

    Jay RJay R8 dagar sedan
  • Just pour concrete on the cliffs

    فاء بن ألف'فاء بن ألف'8 dagar sedan
  • You know, sometimes I think I must have been an archeologist in a past life or at the very least missed my calling in life. Because when it comes to old ruins like that church, I cant help but to always be in awe over them, to wonder who built them, how they were built and to also feel a bit sad when I hear they've been neglected or will soon no longer exist.

    Chris LChris L9 dagar sedan
  • Maybe Tom can save it. Tom please save the village.

    Paranormal HunterParanormal Hunter11 dagar sedan
  • Just glad that Suffolk is getting the recognition on the Tom Scott channel it deserves o7

    That Unusual GentlemanThat Unusual Gentleman20 dagar sedan
  • Covfefe?

    CatcrumbsCatcrumbs21 dag sedan
  • If they were smart they would threaten to put up erosion defenses and make the bigger town pay them not to

    abusethesunabusethesun21 dag sedan
  • It is interesting to see that nobody is thinking of a solution, may be because they expect government to fix everything. You mentioned that the beach is owned by the government. but the land is not. If the villagers want to stop erosion they should build the protections on land. With time, the sea will erode the land around the protections and they will become active defenses. An alternative is that they could just pile up de cement block on land and just wait for them to fall to the beach (which would be the destiny of the constructions otherwise)

    Alejandro1957Alejandro195721 dag sedan
  • 4 meters a year? Wow.

    ZaireZaire22 dagar sedan
  • Why not use the tidal energy floating things to take the energy out of the waves?

    Rebecca ConlonRebecca Conlon22 dagar sedan
  • I live in a village by the sea, there are beach huts that keep falling into the ocean due to erosion. The cliff edge is right by the car park now, recently one of the pathways fell in :(

    Geiger the RobotGeiger the Robot25 dagar sedan
  • who don't they plant trees?

    zohrebrownzohrebrown25 dagar sedan
  • "Covehithe is not a tourist attraction" are you kidding? that place looks like something out of a movie

    AyseeenAyseeen26 dagar sedan
  • We won't be alive in 100 years so there's no point in seeing it before it's gone. It will always be there

    rickysmythrickysmyth28 dagar sedan
    • It can be gone in mere 30 years.

      Send More RumSend More Rum27 dagar sedan
  • Quick... go stab the sea

    mickbannermickbanner29 dagar sedan
  • Check out Trzęsacz in Poland, there's a church that used to stand 2km away from the shore when it was built and now there is only the southern wall left, right at the edge of a cliff

    Karolina MKarolina MMånad sedan
  • Hopefully there aren't any ancient Templar burial tombs meant to hold some ancient evil in there back when they didn't know about erosion.

    You're not on fire yet.You're not on fire yet.Månad sedan
  • I went to that beach on a sunny day. Very nice

    tectrainguytectrainguyMånad sedan
  • Genuine question, why dont they just built a wall at the beach? Kinda like a dam but against erosion? Itd be too expensive?

    BarrieBarrieMånad sedan
  • It is cold and bleak today. Welcome the Britain.

    Crimson KnightCrimson KnightMånad sedan
  • This makes me so sad to see history die and a stupid government doesn't want to do anything about it because of money.

    Gamepro5Gamepro5Månad sedan
  • There's a caravan park in Yorkshire called Skipsea Sands with very much the same problem, I used to go every New Year growing up and recently learnt of their coast eroding away to the degree where many of their paths and walking trails are now cordened off or just gone altogether

  • This is the cliff that refuses to be a cliff and want to be a beach

    Claudio AlvarezClaudio AlvarezMånad sedan
  • the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few if only americans knew that. 🙄

    Bazooka Llama ProductionsBazooka Llama ProductionsMånad sedan
  • How in the hell can modeling help someone predict the effects of placing entirely experimental breakwaters on a beach downshore? All climate change and covid modelling is consistently wrong but somehow this modelling is meant to be sound. The arrogance of scientists and their models is astonishing.

    Elliot MorinElliot MorinMånad sedan
  • I feel bad for that farmer, each high tide means his land is slowly being ripped away from him.

    deepstateflatmoonlizardcultistdeepstateflatmoonlizardcultistMånad sedan
  • Will no one save Covfefe?

    Andrew HazlewoodAndrew HazlewoodMånad sedan
  • Nearby Dunwich was once one of the largest towns in England; now there's hardly anything left.

    PaulPower4PaulPower4Månad sedan
  • I live in South East England (Kent, Tunbridge Wells) but I've never heard of this place...

    TorpisoulTorpisoulMånad sedan
  • The difference vs the British and the dutch

    albinoalbinoMånad sedan
  • there's a picturesque village over there. pans over to the ruins of Tristram

    Gábor BaloghGábor BaloghMånad sedan
  • What if the government there starts smoothing the cliff?

    Epicly RaspberryEpicly RaspberryMånad sedan
  • Good old Suffolk

    ORHORHMånad sedan
  • RIP that 600 year old church

    Luke PLuke PMånad sedan
  • Why would protecting Covehithe make erosion worse at Southwold?

    1cor7311cor731Månad sedan
  • Your content is awesome...very interesting...some of the best on SEcrone

    Michael GrindstaffMichael GrindstaffMånad sedan
  • It's fine, I asked Ben Shapiro and it turns out all the residents can sell their homes to Aquaman and move

    No JusticeNo JusticeMånad sedan
  • So how many years before entire England is lost to the sea? Or how many towns from a millenium ago is now on the sea floor?

    Syntax ErrorSyntax ErrorMånad sedan
  • Someone should make a google map map of all the places Tom has been

    Nick CarberryNick CarberryMånad sedan
  • The village is just one like thousands of others. So, its destruction is not that dramatic. But the loss of the church is a terrible loss of history. Imagine historians in 300 years, getting angry about the people who did not safe it for the future.

    Quert ZuiopüQuert ZuiopüMånad sedan
  • this made me so unbelievably sad :(

    SquidySquidyMånad sedan
  • True

    No OneNo OneMånad sedan
  • Naww..No great loss....

    charlie pearcecharlie pearceMånad sedan
  • House prices a few million quid, price to fix the problem 100s of millions. Its not rocket science...

    Micky RuleMicky RuleMånad sedan
  • Hello to the final citizens of covehithe who are here watching this is 90 years as you pack your bags to leave the town forever.

    Cherry MosleyCherry MosleyMånad sedan
  • Why not put in groins and along the coast that breaks the skin of the water & stops the cross currents very inexpensively.

    peter dollinspeter dollins2 månader sedan
  • They need to plant a diverse, deep rooted tree belt all the way along the coast line, if it’s thick enough & used the right selection of species it should significant mitigate the erosion

    allthethingsallthethings2 månader sedan
  • There is literally an onion video about this, cant wait for the memorial unveiling.

    tcooke2tcooke22 månader sedan
  • 1:08 4-5 meters a year is really fast for a geological process

    Repz GamingRepz Gaming2 månader sedan
  • i cant see the councils being capable of sorting anything out "into enternity"

    KIT-KONGKIT-KONG2 månader sedan
  • Why would stopping erosion in one area speed it up in another, that makes no sense

    bar10dr bar10drbar10dr bar10dr2 månader sedan
  • Outlaw waves, problem solved.

    order9066order90662 månader sedan
  • 20 years later: Why no-one will save Jakarta, the capital that will so crumble into the sea.

    XwtekXwtek2 månader sedan
  • This phenomenon seems to be happening too here in João Pessoa, the capitol of Paraíba. A state of Brazil situated in the northeast coast. We are well known as the most oriental point of america's and it's called Ponta dos Seixas. The government is constructing a barrier that could slow the process but we all know mother nature doesn't give a penny for a bunch of rocks.

    André AlvesAndré Alves2 månader sedan
  • Could you do a video about Germany trying to save the islands?

    random namerandom name2 månader sedan
  • You say this place isn't a tourist attraction and yet with this video you probably turned it into one And the government doesn't want to save the place...says a lot about government. The US has its fair share of flooded towns. NY relocated several towns in the Catskills to make way for reservoirs that would provide NYC with water. But even when they're relocated, they're still subject to flooding. Residents have accepted buyouts from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

    Avery the Cuban-AmericanAvery the Cuban-American2 månader sedan
  • Covehithe: loses to the sea Atlantis and Port Royal: *ONE OF US, ONE OF US!* A church within a church...churchception

    Avery the Cuban-AmericanAvery the Cuban-American2 månader sedan
    • You remind of kim Jon-Un

      Good Mythical EveningGood Mythical EveningMånad sedan
    • Atlantis would be happy. XD Also wth Churchception XD

      Mokongthe3Mokongthe3Månad sedan
  • Covehithe tourism after this video 📈

    Irvin HermanIrvin Herman2 månader sedan
  • Why will no-one save Covehithe? Because no-one can pronounce Cove Hi The.

    B KailuaB Kailua2 månader sedan
  • plant trees

    Root BeerRoot Beer2 månader sedan
  • We have the same in north west Denmark. They remains from the grave yards at Nørre Lyngby just end up on the beach, the local government just removes these after a storm or something that erodes the land.

    Hans MillingHans Milling2 månader sedan
  • The answer is money now go watch the next video and stop wasting your time reading this

    неко йе макайранеко йе макайра2 månader sedan
  • I had to learn about Holderness for Geography haha

    Hiroto MAEKAWAHiroto MAEKAWA2 månader sedan
  • no one will nave covehithe

    (STUDENT)William Giles(STUDENT)William Giles2 månader sedan
  • This says a lot about Government

    Monke ManMonke Man2 månader sedan
  • I would love to live there just to say I live on a cliff that refuses to be a cliff

    Deez Nuts • 23 years agoDeez Nuts • 23 years ago2 månader sedan
  • This is natural and should not be meddled with by humans.

    dankyjokerdankyjoker2 månader sedan
  • I've been to that beach before there's a road witch has been cut of and you can find bricks along the coast there's also a bit down the beach with a dire watch

    Alistair RaeAlistair Rae2 månader sedan
    • I ment to put bird watch but it auto corrected

      Alistair RaeAlistair Rae2 månader sedan
  • Aha! Now we know what covfefe was supposed to be.

    Ross ParletteRoss Parlette2 månader sedan
  • they need to plant alot of trees far enough in, so they can grow and get there roots supporting the ground from eroding

    Emmie ForthedeadEmmie Forthedead2 månader sedan
  • Damn they built a church in a church? Reminds me of those weird dolls

    Retro Game DevRetro Game Dev2 månader sedan
  • A church within a church. Wow

    BritashaBritasha2 månader sedan
  • The fact I’ve been there feels really cool

    Ladward BayLadward Bay2 månader sedan
  • Meanwhile in the Netherlands, when one patch of dirt gets claimed: "This means war."

    nivolordnivolord2 månader sedan
  • You can make a wall entertaning

    Mateja DonkovMateja Donkov2 månader sedan
  • Just how far inland will the sea eventually get?

    Hypochrisy 117Hypochrisy 1172 månader sedan
  • Good video, except the blurb at the beginning about "filmed safely following covid law and guidelines" Let’s stop legitimizing the lunacy of government psychopaths and their dystopian nightmares.

    michael gusovskymichael gusovsky2 månader sedan
  • You say this place isnt a tourist attraction and yet with this video you probably turned it into one. "A village that will soon perish due to erosion"

    aeroaa2aeroaa22 månader sedan
  • not near a London elitist transport route

    Michael EarpMichael Earp2 månader sedan
  • That church is a part of history, it's sad to know that it'll be gone...

    The FatherThe Father2 månader sedan
  • Weird, I just saw a video of TimeTeam trying to get some digging done before the town disappears... and now this.

    Luis Daniel Mesa VelasquezLuis Daniel Mesa Velasquez2 månader sedan
  • 1:50 No put it into perspective with covid19 "pandemic".

    Stoone21Stoone212 månader sedan
  • Aight bois, let just stop the ocean so they can stay

    Crazy wyvernCrazy wyvern2 månader sedan
  • This is the place Donald Trump was talking about. Covfefe

    Nick YoungNick Young2 månader sedan
  • what about the holderness coast?

    Kristian HallKristian Hall2 månader sedan
  • Figure out the depth from top of the land to the water line back away 100 ft on to private owned land and bury boulders and rock..since its privately owned...then when it washes up to it...it should stop erosion or atleast slow it

    Andy HendricksAndy Hendricks2 månader sedan
  • its weird how 400 years ago they decided to keep the old church, and just build another inside

    H.R. HufnStufH.R. HufnStuf2 månader sedan
  • 2:21 Now it is

    TigerChamp 99TigerChamp 992 månader sedan
  • Well that’s sad

    RanMind YTRanMind YT2 månader sedan
  • Content

    Riley CarpenterRiley Carpenter2 månader sedan
  • why do I keep missing your videos.... youtube just keeps hiding these videos when they get uploaded.

    axidsaxids2 månader sedan
  • Most of East Anglia could go in 50 years if sea wall breached.

    Pqrst ZxertyPqrst Zxerty2 månader sedan
  • Q - What do you call a guy with a sea-gull on his head ? A - Cliff.

    stnicholas54stnicholas542 månader sedan
  • Why not plant trees ? It works where I live and we get cyclones every year and massive floods.

    Fly CasualFly Casual2 månader sedan
  • wrong, you're assuming it will continue to erode.

    The Twelfth RedThe Twelfth Red2 månader sedan
  • what a dumb government.

    Jonel Alexis CarocJonel Alexis Caroc2 månader sedan
  • Erosion is a natural process, you can`t hold back the tide with a broom!!!!