Why The Web Is Such A Mess

Tim Berners-Lee envisioned a "universal information system". What went wrong? • MORE BASICS: secrone.info?list...

Written with Sean Elliott SeanMElliott/ • Camera by Tomek • Graphics by William Marler wmad.co.uk

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  • The thing behind me is the Centre for Computing History's Megaprocessor. It plays Tetris.

    Tom ScottTom Scott10 månader sedan
    • Oh my God

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    • Uh.. so the rumoe is true

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    • Thats nice tom, thats nice.

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    • 😁

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    • Heya

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  • My midroll ad, coincidentally, was for Facebook

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  • The thing with ads is that people want everything for free, yet they get angry about ads. What's the alternative?

    Daniel Lo Nigro (Daniel15)Daniel Lo Nigro (Daniel15)6 timmar sedan
  • Nowadays all the ads I see have this X button, which says, "Ad closed by Google."

    Soumi MukherjeeSoumi Mukherjee2 dagar sedan
  • Timeworks got it

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  • This video is history

    Luis TairaLuis Taira5 dagar sedan
  • Learn about host files!

    ohstevohohstevoh7 dagar sedan

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  • Love the GDPR, one of the best recent decisions of the EU.

    den joden jo9 dagar sedan
  • I have adblock and have literally no valuable information on my computer, so why bother tracking me?

    and andand and11 dagar sedan
  • Should be illegal

    Pooh BearPooh Bear11 dagar sedan
  • Vote Saxon! 😂😂😂

    Tom HubbardTom Hubbard13 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much Tom Scott, for simplifying the internet down so it can be explained to my parents. 🙏🏽

    IGRojikkuIGRojikku13 dagar sedan
  • I still have to find a video from this channel that is not amazing.

    Marco CalizziMarco Calizzi14 dagar sedan
  • This is why we install adblock.

    Prof Susan SatsumasProf Susan Satsumas17 dagar sedan
  • The popups are there in response to lousy EU regulations not 'because of advertisers' - no stupid regulations - no popups (like it used to be)

    david buttardavid buttar18 dagar sedan
    • @M. Alejandro Jodorowsky There was (and still is) any number of browser tools to stop that for the small minority of people who care.

      david buttardavid buttar12 dagar sedan
    • if the advertisers didn't track you there wouldn't need to be regulations about it

      M. Alejandro JodorowskyM. Alejandro Jodorowsky12 dagar sedan
  • tl;dr rule 34

    Kai ParkKai Park18 dagar sedan
  • uBlock Origin. Thank the developers later.

    Jeevan AcharyaJeevan Acharya19 dagar sedan
  • My adblocker blocks popups.

    -EmeraldThunder--EmeraldThunder-19 dagar sedan
  • anyone else hate those cookie boxes that take up half of the screen, you can’t get rid of, and TECHNICALLY you don’t have to agree?

    exiexi19 dagar sedan
  • Oh come on is how i can describe how i feel about the web

    corben dentoncorben denton20 dagar sedan
  • Just noticed "vote saxon"

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  • thanks advertising (!)

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  • I think that this video is very informative, clear, concise, and pleasing to absorb. Tom makes some lovely content!

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  • I agree though. Advertisers ain't people

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  • Vote Saxton!

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  • I definitely thought that was the Linus Tech Tips Forum going off at the start..

    Eryk RomanskiEryk Romanski24 dagar sedan
  • Tom had just finished explaining how advertiser's have a detailed profile of people... Advert: "MY VAGINA WAS ANGRY AT ME! YES BECAUSE YOU IGNORED ODOURS AND DISCHARGE" Me whilst checking my underwear: "I beg your pardon. My genitals smell perfectly normal. Thank you very much."

    Rose JulietteRose Juliette26 dagar sedan
  • And then FloC comes along. New video.

    Joshua De OliveiraJoshua De Oliveira26 dagar sedan
  • I've heard of cryptocurrency . And now that I think of it , why aren't there websites fully taking advantage of crypto ? Making money infinitely without having to rely on any ads at all .

    ChedinBuilds StudioChedinBuilds Studio26 dagar sedan
  • I hate it, really hate it. Want to look something up real fast? Oh no, spend 1-2 minutes trying to deny the cookies.. Just want to enjoy videos on youtube? No, they have advertisement after advertisement that the creator can no longer control. They have upped the amount and can even have an ad placed during the last 2 minutes of the video.... Advertisement everywhere. I feel like nothing is holy any longer and I catch myself more often than not trying to disconnect during ads and just block them out. Feels like a win for me then. I'm tired and miss "the good old days" where I would not feel shame and have to google medication on a private tab just so I don't accidentally have ads about it later on, or someone on the same network gets ads for it.

    Rebecca MRebecca M27 dagar sedan
  • What even is a Google?

    OJR5OJR527 dagar sedan
  • Aheeeeeeeeeet

    We are going to go see you soon I don’t knowWe are going to go see you soon I don’t know28 dagar sedan
  • I've watched this a few times but only just noticed the Doctor Who reference...

    AdamIsTalkingAdamIsTalking28 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why it's not on the individual users to just... Not keep third party cookies and JavaScript enabled? Why must a site bother me with my personal permission to use DOM APIs which I opted into using by downloading a specific web browser? All of this is bureaucratic salary grifting. And an easy way for companies to get canned for genuine simple mistakes. Nobody would ever issue a fine for a pop-under advertisement, why bother with this garbage? And why does Tom Scott present it as if it's an entirely fair status quo? That we are gonna be chasing, with legislation, the APIs which you consent to enabling by downloading a piece of software that has a JIT compiler/state machine? It speaks volumes about the ineptitude and laziness of the general public who seemingly elect politicians that promise to "secure their privacy" instead of just launching the browser in incognito mode, or without cookies etc. If you gave me the kind of funding the EU's chambers have in order to create a web browser which did not allow tracking of any kind and was resilient against fingerprinting, I would work for a month and then smoke crack for the rest of my life.

    JebacTych PolicjantowJebacTych Policjantow28 dagar sedan
  • The sheer cosmic irony of you bringing up the internal cookie conflict of interest in Google, and the video immediately cutting to an unskippable ad for Google Fi, is both incredible and unsettling. :'D

    Ann ChoviAnn Chovi29 dagar sedan
  • Thank God for advert blockers!

    Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprioLeonardo Wilhelm DiCaprioMånad sedan
  • You forgot the "sign up now to access the rest of the article" boxes

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  • *Accept* *Agree* *Yes* *I consent* No

    Supermarine SpitfireSupermarine SpitfireMånad sedan
  • Cookies are evil pure evil when used to track peoples every move, absolutely shitty, I wrote in college about how privacy is on the verge of extinction.

    Madtown Animal HouseMadtown Animal HouseMånad sedan
  • I love AdBlock so much

    محمدمحمدMånad sedan
  • The dispensable half-sister intermittently sound because specialist recurrently harass except a puzzling inventory. daffy, wiry chief

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  • Honestly things like targeted ads really don't bother me, I can get that someone might want true privacy but for the most part I'm not bothered by most things being known by anyone, I'm an open person and if someone is just going to send me targeted ads then sure, better than just getting an untargeted ad

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  • Ads: *instantly tonnes generate daily*

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  • I have less of this problem nowadays, mainly because I use an ad blocker and 95% of the sites I visit are programming related, docs and such

    Potato ChroniclerPotato ChroniclerMånad sedan
  • 0:12 Just so I don't screw this up at the polling station.... this is asking me to vote for HAROLD Saxon, right?

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  • Why doesn't everyone use adblockers? I can't imagine using the internet without one.

    Matthijs van OostendeMatthijs van OostendeMånad sedan
  • Websites: we value your privacy... At 0.3 cents per ad.

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  • I'm still wondering why they're called cookies and not cakes or pies? 😁

    Mandula AbogadaMandula AbogadaMånad sedan
  • Funniest thing is we're watching this video because SEcrone also used our personal data and preferences to "advertise" us this content. We're in an endless advertising cycle

    Lluís G.Lluís G.Månad sedan
  • Vote Saxon!

    personzorzpersonzorzMånad sedan
  • Capitalism innit.. If it weren't a profit motive behind it, the Web would be amazingly different. For the better

    HK NormannHK NormannMånad sedan
  • Here's a great idea, adblock.

    Galih CandraGalih CandraMånad sedan
    • @Fenriz Nobile ublock origin

      LolxnnLolxnnMånad sedan
    • What if the site obligates you to turn it off?

      Fenriz NobileFenriz NobileMånad sedan
  • The Most Crazy Thing Is That Some Of The People Are From Timeworks

    Andy CacasAndy CacasMånad sedan
  • You're videos are funny as all hell, thank you so much for all the wonderful knowledge you choose to share with us :)

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  • NOOOO why do i keep getting vids from this channel on the next recommended play list. I don't want to watch vids from this channel. thumbs down for stupid spam

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  • Anyone else just get rid of the cookies window with inspect element? 😂

    ObviouslyASMRObviouslyASMRMånad sedan
    • @nick klaus yea!!

      Sanjay VishnoiSanjay Vishnoi11 dagar sedan
    • F5 & a very well timed Stop usually does the trick

      nick klausnick klaus29 dagar sedan
    • I always do... except when the cookies window takes up the WHOLE SCREEN AND REPLACES ALL OF THE SITE WITH THE POPUP.

      ITAC85ITAC85Månad sedan
  • Google is evil. It is that simple.

    Andras LibalAndras LibalMånad sedan
  • Timeworks

    BNSF 4749 railfanBNSF 4749 railfanMånad sedan
  • Tom, related to this topic, what do you think of IPFS or Web3.0 in general?

    DiscordianDiscordianMånad sedan
  • Hmm video uploaded 5months ago and most comments are 5 and more time ago hmm😁🤔

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  • "What even is a cookie? And why do we have to accept them?" The real existential questions of our time.

    PostermaestroPostermaestroMånad sedan
  • I can't tell if the buffering at the beginning was real or part of the video

    DE23 :]DE23 :]Månad sedan
  • I came back just to watch the intro.

    bernier42bernier42Månad sedan
  • I love that we can tell the person being used as an example is very normal human Clark Kent.

  • 0:14 don’t you mean vote for The Master?

  • Yes, ads suck.

    FinBoyXDFinBoyXDMånad sedan
  • 0:17 Whoever came up with these pop ups is great 👏

    Tuh MaterTuh MaterMånad sedan
  • When my internet connection got stuck in the middle of the video I was thinking that was a joke

    Leonardo Orietti Del DucaLeonardo Orietti Del DucaMånad sedan
  • This is why we can't have nice things

    Matúš GugaMatúš GugaMånad sedan
  • 2020 uploaded but 8 monts comment

    fiorello calimagfiorello calimagMånad sedan
  • Ironically, at this EXACT MOMENT 6:26 I got an ad for Google

    MicahMicahMånad sedan
  • it's interesting that, in it's core structure, the internet still contains some elements of the utopian ideas behind it... as long as everyday non-corporate people are allowed to code (and share their code), there can be a force against the privatization / commercialization of the internet.

    Albert SirupAlbert SirupMånad sedan
  • Short, utopian answer: The acceptance/opting out from cookies should be in browser settings, not on every website on the internet. Just one switch to opt-out from every advertisement cookie there is.

    Spoderman4Spoderman4Månad sedan
  • do a video on why youtube apparently unsubs people; ive had to resub to you 3 times now. keeps recommending your videos and i keep clicking sub...but in a few months itll go away again im sure.

    Allison JAllison JMånad sedan
  • It's lawyers. 99% of all problems are created by lawyers.

    scepticalchymistscepticalchymistMånad sedan
  • It's funny that in the last 10 years Adblocks have been a must-have in any browser I ever used, to the point where I went as far as installing the extension of friend's and family's computers when I have to use them, without asking, and then offering to just remove it if they don't want it. Of course, most of the time they either don't care or like it better without ads. And I don't think I will be disabling my adblocks any time soon.

    GGWPGGWPMånad sedan
  • What I never got about advertising in general is like- why? I pay a premium fee to access the internet, why do I have to see ads?

    RampageBlizzardRampageBlizzardMånad sedan
  • Remember when youtube had harmless, slightly opaque, banners that'd pop up and you'd look at them and press the X and that was that. Harmless advertising that didn't ruin your experience. Crazy.

    hooligan bubsyhooligan bubsy2 månader sedan
  • So... Capitalism. Got it.

    trgdr777trgdr7772 månader sedan
  • Finally! Thank you so much for explain what are cookies! Great video!

    Gustavo07Gustavo072 månader sedan
  • I was waiting for this type of a video.

    Venkata ChalapathiVenkata Chalapathi2 månader sedan
  • 1) Advertisers 2) People Ah yes my least favorite things

    Tater TotsTater Tots2 månader sedan
  • 0:40 "Take a quick 3hr survey" 😂 Sarcastic skills 100 Facts

    Siddhartha DasSiddhartha Das2 månader sedan
  • We do not know what we are doing, that's why things are a mess. The Web included.

    ProbabilityProbability2 månader sedan
    • speak for yourself

      DANNY GDANNY G2 månader sedan
  • Back to square 😅

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  • Google: Civil War

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  • I'm not kidding, I literally got an ad from Google at 6:25!

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  • The Vote Saxon popup was very appreciated.

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  • are you a hivemind yes no

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  • Vote Saxon OMG

    dragonstorm 92dragonstorm 922 månader sedan
  • Flawless comedic timing: I got a midroll ad for Google Shop *right* after Tom finished saying "under the same umbrella".

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  • This into was the nerdiest thing ever

    Danięl ØDanięl Ø2 månader sedan
  • “Vote Saxon”.... I see your doctor who reference Tom... I see it....

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  • If you see this comment, 10381037 cookies have been set on you

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  • if you had a problem in the initial days, you could send a Eudora message directly to the developer, who would then help you fix the problem. It was a really exciting time.

    Cam TCam T2 månader sedan
  • Vote Saxon at 9:32

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  • I love the "Vote Saxon", nice touch haha!

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  • easyly solved, ban all forms of advertisment, and place laws making it a death sentence if you do so. lets see how many people will make ads then.

    HendrikHendrik2 månader sedan
    • Easier said than done and well... people make money off of advertising.

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