Hill Hill Hill Hill, debunked, debunked

Torpenhow Hill, in the Lake District in the north-west of England, is the only place in the world whose name has the same word four different times. That's the story, anyway. The truth is a bit more complex.

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The Debunking of Torpenhow Hill: digitalcommons.butler.edu/cgi/...
Etymology from the Oxford English Dictionary oed.com (requires an academic or pay-for login)
CNN story about Wanaka Tree: edition.cnn.com/travel/articl...
Torpenhow Hill on Google Maps, and the Street View image nearby: www.google.com/maps/place/Tor...

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  • I forgot about the "don't walk along a really busy and in-focus background" thing. SEcrone compression's going to destroy the video quality!

    Tom ScottTom Scott6 månader sedan
    • @tulsatrash fair enough But was it British

      Certified BritCertified Brit2 månader sedan
    • I was going to say something but I forgot what it was so have some engagement.

      tulsatrashtulsatrash2 månader sedan
    • It's still 4k

      Certified BritCertified Brit2 månader sedan
    • 1month?

      LegohexmanLegohexman3 månader sedan
    • @Jacob Barley : 😮 I'll be careful about sharing this video.

      Toby BartelsToby Bartels3 månader sedan
  • I want it to be torpenhow hill

    Ducky737Ducky73719 timmar sedan
  • Torpenhau means Hill Hill "pile" or Hill Hill "bump". Haug or How means Pile, like a pile of leaves or a Bu,p as a bump on a mountain but purely made of rock.

    BluestrawberryBluestrawberryDag sedan
  • Confirmed the actual map marker is there

    10types10types5 dagar sedan
  • The plant port inadvertently hug because latex ultrascructurally disarm underneath a wandering believe. few fierce, obedient fragrance

    GeorgiaElectricianGeorgiaElectrician5 dagar sedan
  • the tree in Wanaka is truely underwhelming for how many people go to see it!

    A L F I EA L F I E6 dagar sedan
  • You are the most interesting person on the internets Tom, well done and thank you.

    Brian FlynnBrian Flynn6 dagar sedan
  • From one of my favourite books, 'The Etymologicon' by Mark Forsyth (rush out and buy it immediately, it is excellent), on some English place-name etymologies from various dialects & languages: "You might theorise that each people understood the other's language and merely chose to speak their own pure dialect, but it would appear that this wasn't the case. Again it comes down to place-names. As we have seen, 'pen' was a Celtic word for 'hill'. Yet when the Old English came across a hill called 'Pen', they decided to name it 'Pen hul', 'hul' being the Old English word for 'hill'. The same process as repeated all across England. Names were doubled up, such as Bredon (hill hill) or the River Esk (river river). This would seem to point to a linguistic exchange that didn't go much further than finding out a place-name before driving out anybody who knew what the place-name meant. It also makes for some very amusing etymologies. Penhul became Pendle and then a few hundred years later somebody again noticed that it was a hill and changed the name to Pendle Hill, which means Hill-Hill Hill. This is not a one-off. Bredon Hill in Worcestershire is also Hill-Hill Hill on exactly the same pattern of Celtic (bre), Old English (don) and modern English (hill)."

    Matt NelsonMatt Nelson7 dagar sedan
  • 3:35 "THEY BE SHOT" Let's hope their aim is as bad as their grammar.

    The King in YellowThe King in Yellow7 dagar sedan
  • In East Lothian there is a hill called Pencraig Hill. When I lived in the village at the bottom of it I did occasionally hear locals referring to the road up the east side as Pencraig Hill Brae... That section of the A1 has been re-routed so that useage will probably die out.

    Kuma SenlacKuma Senlac9 dagar sedan
  • The dog shooting sign got me feelin a whole different way... 😔 😭

    Nova29 ProductionsNova29 Productions19 dagar sedan
  • Pennine Hills, I guess they are the hilly hills

    Uhuru MkaliUhuru Mkali22 dagar sedan
  • "Who has guns?" "The farmers" "And?" "Their wives."

    Mario SebastianiMario Sebastiani22 dagar sedan
  • New series: Silent hill hill hill hill.

    Troy NallTroy Nall22 dagar sedan
  • Rebunked

    Epic BossEpic Boss26 dagar sedan
  • Debunking a debunk

    Mokongthe3Mokongthe326 dagar sedan
  • Near Tampa is a place we call Plant City. It's official name is "The City of Plant City"

    Bill & Tara SwartzbaughBill & Tara Swartzbaugh26 dagar sedan
  • 1:48 *Inception*

    AscertivusAscertivus27 dagar sedan
  • I wrote a puzzle about tautological place names! I called it Walla Walla River.

    Kirn HansKirn Hans28 dagar sedan
  • DC Comics

    齐天语齐天语28 dagar sedan
  • I thought the paths were "bridle paths", but the sign at the end says "bridal paths". Was I mistaken about "bridle paths"?

    David BungeDavid Bunge28 dagar sedan
  • And now make a video how to reanimate hamster in the microwave oven...

    Prosty TrollProsty Troll28 dagar sedan
  • Are we forgetting New York, New York?

    Jack LewisJack Lewis29 dagar sedan
  • Hill Hill Hill Hill looks like a nice place to be!

    dum_ tarddum_ tard29 dagar sedan
  • “Only a few geography nerds” - me packing my bags

    Melody MathildeMelody Mathilde29 dagar sedan
  • People in southern England have a really weird attitude towards public footpaths. I've seen signs removed, gates in the middle of footpaths, PRIVATE PROPERTY/NO ENTRY signs, fences extended so the path is a part of someone's fenced off garden. I've even seen an electric fence blocking a public footpath, that got removed after a few weeks.

    Jimmy2HertzJimmy2Hertz29 dagar sedan
  • i always liked that we have two totally separate species of fox called the "fox fox" "vulpes vulpes" the red fox and "vulpes zerda" the fennec fox where both "vulpes" and "zerda" can translate to "fox"

    An raccAn raccMånad sedan
  • Tom Scott visits the final boss of Sonic level names

    fastpager200fastpager200Månad sedan
  • Not wishing to colonise the place seems like a thoroughly un-British sentiment, but you more than compensated for that by utterly refusing to initiate a conversation with a stranger at the end

    Ken ScamblerKen ScamblerMånad sedan
  • And four corners monument isn’t even at the four corners geographically. It’s actually quite a ways away. I kind of felt like a fool when I found out years later that I’d been standing on that point and actually not enjoying being on four states at the same time as though that arbitrary line in two directions actually means anything significant. And when you’re out there in the middle of the American desert the last thing on your mind is where a state boundary is.

    Edwardian Steam WorkshopEdwardian Steam WorkshopMånad sedan
  • I want Tom to be my tour guide if I go to England

    t0mbt0mbMånad sedan
  • 2:04 "Now i'm not going to colonize the Lake District" that seems like a very british problem

    LinusSexTipsLinusSexTipsMånad sedan
  • How did this dude make a hill seem interesting to me

    MemeMaykrMemeMaykrMånad sedan
  • Soup soup soup

    iAmInHereiAmInHereMånad sedan
  • "Tom Scott attempts to colonize the Lake District"

    maxresdefaultmaxresdefaultMånad sedan
  • there is another bigger hill in Cumbria called humphrey head and wikipedia describes it as a whale shaped hill, i personally think it is a coincidence it is on the edge of the cartmel peninsula and very close to morecambe bay meaning it could in fact be a washed up whale that has been buried by earth.

    22 Thumbs and 64 fingers Required22 Thumbs and 64 fingers RequiredMånad sedan
  • What's that Tom? You are not going to colonize a district and tell them how to name things? I thought you are British....

    FurnFurnMånad sedan
  • The sass in "so you can tell who's done the research..." I felt that 😂😂😂

    starstrukk723starstrukk723Månad sedan
  • One-million views... nah, won't become well known.

    Throttle AddictionThrottle AddictionMånad sedan
  • 3:12 You rang... I'm heading up there at some point. Will respect the locals obviously.

    nightw4tchmannightw4tchmanMånad sedan
  • "Keep on the bridal paths." Wedding venue, is it?

    Julio CostaJulio CostaMånad sedan
  • Would love to raise hell in a small town in Britian and piss off the locals, they had no problem doing that to my ancestors.

    robejamusicrobejamusicMånad sedan
  • This could very well be the cliff that refuses to be a cliff. Or... a hill that refuses to be a hill named hill hill.

    Traugott MüllerTraugott MüllerMånad sedan
  • "Torpenhow hill doesn't actually exist" Video Location: "Torpenhow Hill"

    MaksMaksMånad sedan
  • I just realized that Kurzgesagt - in a Nutshell, a science channel, is two names, kurzgesagt in German means in short, which means the same thing as in a Nutshell, so It's "In Short - in a Nutshell."

    Gabriel FielGabriel FielMånad sedan
  • Future Guardian headline: Torpenhow hill vandalized; no longer a hill, just a regular plain. Scientists blame climate emergency.

    Thelonious MThelonious MMånad sedan
  • Hill Hill Hill Hill, debunked, debunked, comment

    Lennart MunzLennart MunzMånad sedan
    • Hill Hill Hill Hill, debunked, debunked, comment comment

      Lennart MunzLennart MunzMånad sedan
  • :

    CNC PrivateCNC Private2 månader sedan
  • “Focaccia Bread” - Bread Bread

    Slender_04 F1Slender_04 F12 månader sedan
  • For those wondering about the "dogs will be shot" sign, that's perfectly normal in the countryside, and is quite legal. Most farmers are courteous enough to give a warning however...

    SehnsuchtSehnsucht2 månader sedan
  • imagine if aliens take over the Earth and add their word for hill to this

    Darya OleshkoDarya Oleshko2 månader sedan
  • in Scandinavian languages torp means a small house or homestead. the name could just mean the house by the hill.

    nils docknils dock2 månader sedan
  • The Pendle hills are actually a better example of this

    OwenOwen2 månader sedan
  • Your question about "who decides" whether a place deserves designation is a good one. The "four corners" monument is not precisely placed, but tourists agree on its location, or they don't care that it is several hundred meters off. So, the people going to the trouble of visiting a patio placed in the middle of nowhere are the "deciders".

    Chris ZúnigaChris Zúniga2 månader sedan
  • wait i live in the desert desert?

    CatCat2 månader sedan
  • If you come to hill hill hill hill, you will be scolded, tied to a post and have rocks thrown at your feet.

    Haluk OnalHaluk Onal2 månader sedan
    • I was looking for this

      KilianKilianMånad sedan
  • eveyrbody calls the law hill in dundee the law hill instead of the law o rthe hill

    Rey JacksonRey Jackson2 månader sedan
  • Æ Æ

    Wiliam mWiliam m2 månader sedan
  • prince prince

    Prince ShehzadPrince Shehzad2 månader sedan
  • I had a stroke reading the title

    Minecraft playerMinecraft player2 månader sedan
  • That's creepy. I just saw this video, and I'll be going on holiday, in Wanaka, near that tree, tomorrow.

    DermitdogDermitdog2 månader sedan
  • The "trepenna/torpenhow" - "melbn or melbən/melbourne" - "canbra/canberra" - And Canberra is less than 100 years old yet has lost a syllable. Say "Torpenhow" 100 times as fast as you can, rolling your "r"s because that part of England kept rhoticity, and you'll get trepanna like as not, or something akin to it. Remember, spelling tells you old pronounciation, like knight, knife, lamb.

    Dave BathDave Bath2 månader sedan
  • watching this while doing my science homework. makes it bearable

    Josh.Josh.2 månader sedan
  • Meanwhhile fantasy authors bend backwards to find an explanation why a river is named the way it is.

    Balázs SzűcsBalázs Szűcs2 månader sedan
  • The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a slightly raised topographic phenomenon.

    Vinh PragVinh Prag2 månader sedan
  • bruh the video title xD

    Rothaa BarthRothaa Barth2 månader sedan
  • In Russian, we could (not necessarily should, but 'could') name this place "Холм Торпенхау-хилл" (Holm Torpenhau-hill) which is now "Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill", the one and only example of a quintuple tautology.

    NickProNickPro2 månader sedan
  • i live next to the "law hill" in scotland, in scotland law means hill

    Rhys HowieRhys Howie2 månader sedan
  • Major Major Major Major from Catch-22

    Joe AliasJoe Alias2 månader sedan
  • "Then why am I out of breath" Ah... because you are a really fit 70 years old, obviously

    MunjeeMunjee2 månader sedan
  • Pen in welsh can mean top or head

    Barney PawsBarney Paws2 månader sedan
  • This is exactly the kind of geographical nerdiness that the internet is made for and I love! Great stuff.

    GeomontageGeomontage2 månader sedan
  • pen means head, bryn means hill

    Matthew WhitingMatthew Whiting2 månader sedan
  • This debunk of the debunk of Hillhillhill Hill makes me so happy. :D

    Hugh LlewellynHugh Llewellyn2 månader sedan
  • The maddest thing is that Torpenhow is actually pronounced 'Trepenah'

    GuardiologyGuardiology2 månader sedan
  • Stayed in a barn conversion, in Tropenhow, many years ago, while visiting The Lake District. The Sun Inn - the local pub - was closing and we ended up getting 'a lock-in' and a free drinking session. Not 'one' hill was climbed the next day!

    graceygrumblegraceygrumble2 månader sedan
  • Terpen is Dutch for mounds

    OneBigMeatballOneBigMeatball2 månader sedan
  • You want to do something on Braehead shopping centre in Glasgow... Brae scots for hill. Head being top of... Braehead being being the lowest lying piece of sea level flat flood plain land around.... WHY!!!!

    Ian SimpsonIan Simpson2 månader sedan
  • Hmm the is a 4 minute video and I was forced to watch a 3 minute manscaped video and a 1 minute video for a product I cannot remember which was obviously very effective. This is the 10th time today I've seen the manscapped ad and I'm not getting more convinced that I should buy 1. If this continues I'm going to have to be done with youtube because 50% ad time is too much.

    Matthew Talbot-PaineMatthew Talbot-Paine2 månader sedan
  • Four Corners Monument isn't even properly aligned with the actual borders of CO, NM, AZ, and UT, so there's that.

    Sarah SepanSarah Sepan2 månader sedan
  • We can make a religion out of this

    Ethan ForsythEthan Forsyth2 månader sedan
  • There is also "East Timor" meaning "East East."

    Khabib Nurmagomedov 3Khabib Nurmagomedov 32 månader sedan
  • "hill hill hill hill" ~Tom Scott

    Bas VerboonBas Verboon2 månader sedan
  • The actually bottom concurrently decorate because collar explicitly knot atop a boring guatemalan. adjoining, premium bankbook

    Sara OlmsteadSara Olmstead2 månader sedan
  • Content

    Riley CarpenterRiley Carpenter2 månader sedan
  • Tom did you have a stroke writing that title

    Snow CatSnow Cat2 månader sedan
  • This is in the middle of nowhere, it's in the southwest peninsula of the Lake District and it feels like another world and is at least 60 minutes drive from the most direct exit on the M6.

    skatemetrixskatemetrix2 månader sedan
  • its funny, the location above the name of the video is "📍 TORPENHOW HILL"

    ZoranZoran2 månader sedan
  • how in the hell do i live 30 minues away from this when ive never heard about it

    AceAggronAceAggron2 månader sedan
  • See you in 5 years when the whole village is just a giant resort

    Marc SeegersMarc Seegers2 månader sedan
  • Mt. Huangshan, China = Mt. Yellow Mountain

    Sam ErensSam Erens2 månader sedan
  • "why am i out of breath" because you need to get more exercise, tom

    Sauron GorthaurSauron Gorthaur2 månader sedan
  • Does this video exist to question it's own ethics? That's very Tom Scott.

    Cargo_VroomCargo_Vroom2 månader sedan
  • Double/Triple names remind me of a city in Australia called Townsville. Townsville City. Why.

    SleksinSleksin2 månader sedan
  • So, is this a case of a hill that refuses to be a hill...?

    Gustavo FelícioGustavo Felício2 månader sedan
  • On the flip side, it's entirely possible that the place's name does originate from those three hills, but over time the pronounciation of the village's name changed.

    OzixiThrillOzixiThrill2 månader sedan
    • Tor Pen and How are all old Welsh or English for hill. So if English and Welsh settlers arrived there in the 10th century then it's very possible.

      Causeablewe57Causeablewe572 månader sedan
  • or detective comics comics, well actually no DC as it's now known is its name it is no longer detective comics DC is the name detective comics has not been used officially in years so the name DC comics because DC is the compony stop saying detective comics comics your wrong.

    SoapCanManSoapCanMan2 månader sedan
  • "So, who decides that?" the sin of pride, maybe

    aeyuaeyu2 månader sedan
  • Nice explanation about making the truth.

    Eric TwersEric Twers2 månader sedan
  • “A few geography nerds”, oh Tom.....we are many in number, just....biding our time

    Chris WoodsChris Woods2 månader sedan