What Color Is My Hoodie?

Grey? Blue? Purple? It can look different, depending on the context. Let's talk about color perception, color temperature, and the history of laundry.

Atmospheric opacity image from ESA/Hubble (F. Granato): www.eso.org/public/images/atm... - image licensed under CC by 4.0 - creativecommons.org/licenses/...

The optical illusion is original, but based on the work of David Novick: novickprof/status...

More on Illuminant D65: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illumin... - the references in this article go into the full technical detail

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  • Please contain all your "color" vs "colour" comments in this thread. Good luck.

    Tom ScottTom Scott2 månader sedan
    • Why did u write color, it feels wrong

      Javier PanJavier Pan9 dagar sedan
    • Colorr

      TzabarphoTzabarpho12 dagar sedan
    • money is expensive, and printing costs money, so we had to cut u out of the deal, britain

      BaronVonPicklezBaronVonPicklez13 dagar sedan
    • It’s calorr duhdoy

      LolLol24 dagar sedan
    • no it's couluor

      QWXZYQWXZY27 dagar sedan
  • I'm colourblind... Why am I here?

    SomeonPCSomeonPC4 timmar sedan
  • Colour 👍 nice little “glitch”

    Jonas SvedstrupJonas Svedstrup6 timmar sedan
  • It’s spelt Colour, but pronounced Colla.

    NAS ManNAS ManDag sedan
  • Artificial blueing dye is available in India 🥲

    Sukalpa KunduSukalpa KunduDag sedan
  • I still blue my white shirts. Haha

    OutermostSoupOutermostSoupDag sedan
  • Colour temperatuer is correct obviously.

    TJ SuydamTJ SuydamDag sedan
  • 2:54 I love how the text changes from "color" to "colour"

    Mohammed ALdubaisiMohammed ALdubaisiDag sedan
  • When you Full Screen the video it changes the spelling of colour, @Tom Scott how did you do that?

    Cameron PeckCameron PeckDag sedan
  • Grey

    Archie and Murphy gaming and funArchie and Murphy gaming and funDag sedan
  • Nice job with the Colo(u)r

    Harsh RajHarsh RajDag sedan
  • In South American countries, don’t they prefer their white washing to be more red tinted?

    Peter WhitmorePeter WhitmoreDag sedan
  • 2:38 Tom: this looks very, very... Me: orange Tom: yellow Me:😑

    Benjamin MillarBenjamin Millar2 dagar sedan
  • Best conclusion

    ntuckerntucker3 dagar sedan
  • hi i was wondering: what is this color sensor? did you buy it calibrated? or is it a DIY thing?

    Dakor jparieDakor jparie3 dagar sedan
  • now that i look at it, tom really doesn't wear anything besides grey hoodies and red shirts.

    Zi XiongZi Xiong4 dagar sedan
  • Its spelled culur

    spheredudespheredude4 dagar sedan
  • fun fact: the title changes depending on where you view it from: "What Colour Is My Hoodie" if you are in UK "What Color Is My Hoodie" if you are in USA

    Massimiliano CurziMassimiliano Curzi5 dagar sedan
  • green

    Tristen ArcticianTristen Arctician5 dagar sedan
  • To be fair, that wasn't solid grey. It's that kind of grey that resembles a snowy TV. Actually just bits of light and dark grey, almost like tiny camo print.

    Joey KauhiJoey Kauhi5 dagar sedan
  • The hoodie is obviously burnt sienna

    Egg BertEgg Bert6 dagar sedan
  • Him what colour is my hoodie Me what colour isnt his hoodie?

    Hobby BugsHobby Bugs7 dagar sedan
  • "Electromagnetic radiation is a spectrum" Woke nonsense, there are only 2 wavelengths

    SheolCodeMonkeySheolCodeMonkey8 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Zachary FerraroZachary Ferraro8 dagar sedan
  • In college chemistry class the instructor told us that while a blue tint was perceived as clean in the states, red tint was considered cleanly in Latin America

    Ronald RaygunRonald Raygun8 dagar sedan
  • It's the gold and blue dress all over again!

    stone5against1stone5against18 dagar sedan
  • Just look at that colooour - Farrow & Ball

    Gav 360Gav 3608 dagar sedan
  • Hey Tom, that hoodie would look great over a red t-shirt. If you don't have one I'll send you one.

    Topher The11thTopher The11th8 dagar sedan
  • Your hoodie is France

    --9 dagar sedan
  • I've had a gray carpet for a few years now, and I can only see it as blue now - I have to remind myself it's actually gray!

    RichardM8422RichardM84229 dagar sedan
  • For those wondering if any trains came 1:20 a Gatwick Express 387 passes under 5:20 a Thameslink 700 passes under

    YeahmanYeahman10 dagar sedan
  • 2:54 that was slick

    AlanAlan10 dagar sedan
  • It's Colour lmao

    Magicat -sanMagicat -san11 dagar sedan
  • I sincerely recommend the Captain Disillusion CD Color (Colour) video immediately after watching this

    Glyn CorneliusGlyn Cornelius11 dagar sedan
  • Oh, and did the bar of sunlight vs artificial light change colo(u)rs? Well, that's because color assimalation: grey on a white background looks grey, but on a red background it suddenly turns cyan!

    Isaac TIsaac T11 dagar sedan
  • The color is RED. ALWAYS RED.

    Maxim DraganMaxim Dragan12 dagar sedan
  • In hex RGB colour space, Amethyst Sky is A4959A, or . That makes it a very desaturated medium pink.

    Steve SmithSteve Smith12 dagar sedan
  • What do you mean "amethyst sky" isn't helpful? It's right next to "banana glass" and "desk face"

    Morgan LucchiMorgan Lucchi13 dagar sedan
  • Heres a bigger mind bender, no one really sees the same colors. You get told as a kid that trees are green so when asked you would say trees are green. There is absolute no way to ever confirm what you see when you look at green is the same thing I see we just all know to call it green

    brad bradbrad brad13 dagar sedan
  • This is another reason why blue eyes are not blue, as with blue wings on butterflies and birds. It's a reflection of light waves...like the sky.

    Steph SsSteph Ss13 dagar sedan
  • Here in India we still use laundry bluing stuff.

    S GS G14 dagar sedan
  • This is probably why mouthwashes tend to be blue. Makes your teeth look immediately whiter(bluer)

    UmarUmar16 dagar sedan
  • Oh no. Not the what colour is this dress debate again!

    MedEightyMedEighty17 dagar sedan
  • Whiting agents in detergent are florescent in UV light. Making white stuff whiter than white. And also mean they show up under UV light stronger. That's also how whiting paper. Great video by Ben on Applied Science about it!

    MrVipitisMrVipitis17 dagar sedan
  • You say color in the title, but grey in the description? I am confused

    kkmackkmac18 dagar sedan
  • Grey

    Donna CollinsDonna Collins18 dagar sedan
  • Grey.

    zeten ___zeten ___19 dagar sedan
    • Gray.

      sussus19 dagar sedan
  • now i want to test what color things are!

    RadRush_mxRadRush_mx20 dagar sedan
  • “Amethyst sky - This deep purple has a generous gray undertone suggestive of storm clouds on a distant horizon.”

    Toaster VanToaster Van20 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 train

    tom rabbanitom rabbani21 dag sedan
  • I knew those tide pods were turning my briefs blue

    Christian GainesChristian Gaines22 dagar sedan
  • Tom looks like he's 60 and having a midlife crisis in this

    TheCreeperManTheCreeperMan22 dagar sedan
  • In Indonesia, you still can search for that kind of "laundy bluing", it called Blau. As a kid, they always told me it's used to make white clothing become more white

    Yogi SujiwoYogi Sujiwo23 dagar sedan
  • Hoodie colour

    KrigsherreKrigsherre24 dagar sedan
  • ,

    Tyrone DeShaunTyrone DeShaun24 dagar sedan

    Heartworn FoxHeartworn Fox24 dagar sedan
  • *COLOR*

    ShrekShrek25 dagar sedan
  • Where can I buy this hoodie? It looks comfy.

    Kai ParkKai Park25 dagar sedan
  • Was that an iPhone 5?

    Tazarul FoxTazarul Fox25 dagar sedan
  • Colour

    Rowan WallaceRowan Wallace25 dagar sedan
    • Bri'ish "people" be like: couloeughre

      sussus19 dagar sedan
  • why is this mans wardrobe hella generic

    Aiman AzmiAiman Azmi25 dagar sedan
  • Bold off you to assume I go to school

    Mr.GanjaMan 420Mr.GanjaMan 42026 dagar sedan
  • tom don't do this I'm colorblind

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin27 dagar sedan
  • I used to wear a definitely grey hoodie to school and a couple of days when I didn't wear it all my mates asked "where's ur purple hoodie gone" I was like 'what u on about'. I still don't know how multiple people in broad daylight while up close to me perceived what is a grey hoodie as purple. It was quite a dark grey but the funny thing is I actually did have a purple version of that hoodie (but they hadn't seen it before) so I can definitely say there was a distinct difference between the grey one and the purple one.

    RizwaanRizwaan28 dagar sedan
  • Uey train

    Callum Dolten74Callum Dolten7428 dagar sedan
  • "There for light is colour"

    Luke DunnLuke Dunn29 dagar sedan
  • Tom: talks for 5.39 mins about how his hoodie is grey Colour sensor: it’s purple

    Yuyan TanYuyan Tan29 dagar sedan
  • its clear obviously.

    Kota'sEternalDeathKota'sEternalDeath29 dagar sedan
  • You guys do realize that if evolutionary theory holds true, what our brain interprets as reality cannot possibly be what we’re all looking at. Over millions of years, our brains have cut all of the information coming into our eyes deemed unnecessary for survival, so we can’t possibly be seeing what’s actually going on around us.

    Anthony ĮødīçęAnthony ĮødīçęMånad sedan
  • Its gray!

    Andreas HammarsandAndreas HammarsandMånad sedan
  • And on that bombshell....

    knightmarex13knightmarex13Månad sedan
  • Color is an illusion and colour is an illusion, What we see is just our brain making sense of everything

    vargen1414vargen1414Månad sedan
  • Hold on a minute. Are the hoodies at 1:47 supposed to look like different colours?

    Ales DiazAles DiazMånad sedan
  • the color and colour pronunciation infographic made me think i was schizoid

    Drew DuffDrew DuffMånad sedan
  • It's grey! Against ALL of your walls and outside, it remained grey.

    Koito robKoito robMånad sedan
  • blue supremacists!

    Simon PhoenixSimon PhoenixMånad sedan
  • So I am "color dull", when ever I take those color blindness tests I fail to some degree.... However, if i take the same test again down the road I do not fail to the same degree. And what really started my wondering about whats going on with my perception of colors is out and around in the world I will often see a color that jumps out at me. Most often it will be a car or a flower and in fact I owned a 1990 toyota xtra cab truck that was "medium red pearl" which was one of those colors.... Some days i did not pay much attention but others It looked stunning, like some new color I had never seen before. I drove that truck daily for almost 30 years and on some days it was just as stunning as it was 30 years ago. If anything what ever it is going on is more now then way back when... perhaps because i have tried hard to figure out why I can see something over and over for decades and on some days its like ive never seen that color before........ ? I still don't have a clue why that is.

    Dave GreavesDave GreavesMånad sedan
  • The answer is yes

    the bombdefuserthe bombdefuserMånad sedan
  • This is precisely why OLED looks so much better than LCD. OLED displays are organically backlit (the pixels create their own light) whereas LCD is artificial. As a result, OLED looks more natural to the human eye.

    Aidan ChappelleAidan ChappelleMånad sedan
  • Who the heck named that color? Sounds like some brony OC.

    MoonbowHazeMoonbowHazeMånad sedan
  • So in summary, the hoodie is like/almost like the dress color illusion?

    Seikoto30Seikoto30Månad sedan
  • I’m sorry was school supposed to teach me about elector magnetic radiation?

    justin carojustin caroMånad sedan
  • hoodie is grey... or gray either is correct... but is grey... or gray a colour... or color?

    BorisBorisMånad sedan
  • it's grey

    Lovely KõhaiLovely KõhaiMånad sedan
  • According to my monitor, it's red, green. and blue.

    Ted PhillipsTed PhillipsMånad sedan
  • I thought u only had red merch

    ToshalToshalMånad sedan
  • That color/colour edit was a cool touch

    ssspe1ssspe1Månad sedan
  • Color & Colour are both correct.

    Henry StinsonHenry StinsonMånad sedan
  • that hoodie is my name but without the .The .Gray .Bear

    gray TGBgray TGBMånad sedan
  • Amethyst Sky

    Die-Jay-CeeDie-Jay-CeeMånad sedan
  • 🟥🟦🟨

    Dano MehnerDano MehnerMånad sedan
  • As the great link neal once said "how do I know that you and me, share the same colors the same way that you and me see? is my red blue for you is my green your green too? could it be true we see differing hues? and say we do then how do we discover this fact? and even if we did would there be any impact? I don't think it would affect us personally, but it would have ripple effects through the interior design industry."

    Dan CanuelDan CanuelMånad sedan
  • 1:18 Gatwick Express Electrostar

    MacauleyP_PlaysMacauleyP_PlaysMånad sedan
  • Not this again. I refuse to say what color it is

    Marcus GrantMarcus GrantMånad sedan
  • 00:30 this seems like a green screen to me, is it?

    raahimzraahimzMånad sedan
  • Did you take this video idea from Barış Özcan?

    Fazıl Deniz Seçkin KEDİFazıl Deniz Seçkin KEDİMånad sedan
  • ok there are 3 possibilities. Either he's actually outside on a bridge or something but it isn't in the shot, he's in front of a green screen, or he's somehow flying. I'm leaning toward flying...

    AceRedAceRedMånad sedan
  • Bland. Specifically - British Bland. If only your name was Rowan Rimmer.

    Richard FreemanRichard FreemanMånad sedan
  • the color is chicken

    TemmieFlexTemmieFlexMånad sedan
  • I just heared "we need to talk about the history of laundry and I'm just gonna change to another vid.

    Martijn BonnemaMartijn BonnemaMånad sedan