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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.

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  • dr stone

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  • I've seen this same construction missing nuts and washers

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  • 0:31 you're welcome

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  • Fancy biscotti

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  • Bear taught people how to die in the woods. Les taught everyone else how to survive

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  • Make that 30,193,666 king.

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  • Well, I'm sure lawyers made certain that there was a good payout for the survivors and their families. Very tragic, indeed.

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  • I don't know why but i really really want the explosive expert to start his own yt channel.

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  • Skipsea on the east coast is in the same position, it's one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Europe. The coastal road has already gone, there used to be 3 rows of bungalows on the sea front, 2 rows have gone. Just think about that for a second...2 rows of bungalows, plus gardens. Gone.

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  • I tried like 300 times to wipe that bit of dust off my screen, can you please use a cleaner bit of notebook paper as your background?

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  • The title is 100% accurate

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  • It is exactly right whattttttt

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  • I live 10 miles from Betws y Coed and pass very often without ever knowing this. Thanks for enlightening me with this knolage.

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  • It’s Gar-lactic bread now.

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  • spot on at 30129393

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  • Really youtube? Unskippable 15 secs ad on a 12 year old video that's under a minute? Wtf? 🙄 Loved the video, the ad kinda killed the vibe a bit. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  • It’s the same for me 😳

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  • Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'm about to save the world from Skynet.

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  • Those header tanks are terrible. Here in New Zealand alot of them are open to the air. You get all sorts of shyte floating in them over 50 years or so. Even worse is when they fail, overflow or leak while you are away say goodbye to your ceiling, walls and carpet.

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  • U gone have toast on the way down

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  • Could could see the space debris

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  • This is really cool and I appreciate the effort, but why on earth would you film it in daylight?

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  • naaaah got it spot on but now is 600 views away

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  • I find this guy extremely condescending and annoying

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  • The fact that James Lovelock agreed to that interview is wonderful and it's amazing to see him still around. Glad to see.

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  • spot on!

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  • Why 1/1/1970 turns your phone into a Nokia brick

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  • How stupid

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  • I beat the system

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  • They're called legos.

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  • Another cool video....... I'd like like to enjoy some delicious Coke with Tom

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  • Doesn’t that may have a lot of unknowns bacteria

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  • spot on

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  • Shut up and show the fly.

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  • In the US, there are dedicated people in the FAA who actually track down idiots who do this and post it to youtube. I keep seeing videos of people who were cold-called by the FAA

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  • The injuries were so appalling and the casualties so many that it had a profound effect on the rescuers. The collapse was a failure of systems, not just of design. Engineering really does encompass much more than simply fabricating things.

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  • I thought it was pronounced "yif"

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  • Why wouldn’t they shake hands at the end??

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  • This is a weird video to watch back because now, everything is digitized. But it doesn't feel right. We stream movies or music and read ebooks... half (well, more like a solid 90%) of my friendships are digital. Yet it doesn't feel good. Some of us are desperately trying to *own* the things we enjoy, like the kids with LP collections. Or the hype around analog cameras and printed pictures. I personally have started buying books since the pandemic. I want to own my experiences, not just have them on a screen.

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  • Hacking into a voting booth to play doom. That's awesome.

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  • This is something I would do.

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  • happy 1 year anniversary to this video

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  • happy 1 year anniversary to this video

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  • the fact that the people who come here every few days will see this break one day is honestly so weird to think about

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  • As pansexual, I am very disappointed that I was not mentioned alongside bisexuals and straights [Joke Indicator]

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  • Now the video has 30,190,223 views

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  • wait is that how they drill the brain

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  • 3:24 "But compare this to the Latin alphabet" ... you mean - compare this to English. Not all languages using Latin alphabet use such arbitrary nonsense "rules" as English does.

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  • Omg how???

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  • Teleportation is easy for endermans though

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  • -visible confusion-

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  • *Thomas Bangalter:* I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.

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  • This is cool

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  • The thumbnail looks like it's in the Universal pictures logo

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  • Of course I am not firing the rock cannons on an old Welsh firework site, that would be ludacris. I am going to have another person create an exact replica on English ground so people have no further need for the original. You are welcome

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  • You guys are lucky Dasani is awful

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  • I see 30,189,532 views.

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